Chasing Shadows Chapter 2-extract 1

Waft of cheap smelling aftershave,lingered around Clara’s desktop as Mark Evans the objected of her unrequited love and affection.Tried with all of his power and might to gain her attention.Lost in the sweet lilt of Faith Hills There you’ll be clinging onto memories of Lachlan,she longed for a distraction.Rather than keeping him at bay,she swivelled her chair to face her admirer.
‘Hello Mark.’ she smiled sweetly.
‘Clara.’ He replied trying as hard as he might to shield his blushes.
She studied his face,observing his kind dark eyes,masked behind his dark jar bottomed glasses.He nervously tussled with his shiny raven coloured hair with his hands.Dear Mark,soft caramel heart in the middle,you’re velvet smile doesn’t turn my head.You’re not dark and mysterious like Harvey yore no caped crusader you’re too shy retiring and needy for you’re own good.Politely waiting for my approval,sniffing around at my heel like a puppy vying for his mistresses attention.
However annoying he may be with his,poor rendition of three times a lady gifts of Millie cookies and silken scarfs.Endless hologram E-cards practically begging for a date.At the finest restaurants decked with violinists,singing waiters the works.One dancer short of a broadway interlude from singing in the rain.
indeed she’s a classic Hollywood icon an English rose brought to New York in her teens she was blinded by the city lights and seduced by her mother Serena Americas sweetheart of how wonderful the USA is,she vowed never to return to the dreary English countryside she was brought up in.
Her taste is indeed the highest level of being bought by thirty dollar lobster and caviar and sparkling Chardonnay.Those painful memories reminds her only of Lachlan.Why she secretly longs to be taken out to nandos on what Kristen refers to as a peasant budget kind of date,slobbing out in sweatpants snuggling up watching pretty woman.Talking till dawn.

Despite him not being the ideal smooth and suave love interest of her fantasy.He’s square in every possible way.For example he turned up to an important business function dressed in his signature Iron man costume.Mark was there through the dark times,gladly held her hand and was a much needed friend after the loss of her beloved.
He presented her with a rose and a gold box.
‘A Rose for a rose.’
‘How sweet and don’t tell me a Millie cookie with my initials on it?’
‘How did you guess?’
‘Darling Mark.’ She leaned forwards and touched his hand.
‘A thousand times,I said no more gifts.’
‘You’re worth every cent.’
Clara touched his shoulder.
‘Have you been working out?’
‘Only the photocopier.’
Clara twisted her hair to humour him.
‘Thats not why I came over.’
‘Its such a beautiful day don’t you think?’
‘Miss Clara will you accompany me to the Christmas dance?’
‘I’m awfully flattered by you thinking of me Mark,but I’m considering my options.I’ll get back to you on it.’
‘I’m always an email away?’