Chasing shadows



Chasing Shadows-chapter 2-extract 5

Like knights around the round table they all awaited with baited breath for Clara and Kristen to emerge from the battleground.Mark emerged from the mist like brave knight Sir Lancelot
‘No blood shed or tears?’ Enquired Nick.
‘Sorry to disappoint you Nick,but there was no ultimate showdown were K and I mud wrestled one another to the ground like in your twisted little fantasy world…There was a few tears.’
‘Proper snooze fest.Im out.’
Kristen looked on as he waltzed back to his domain in press relations.
‘All fake tan and platinum blonde he’s like a walking ken doll.’ Scoffed Clara.
‘But he has a really cute behind.’
‘La la I’m not listening.’ Clara placed her fingers in her ears.
‘Now who’s behaving like a child.’
Mark right on cue emerged from the mist like brave night Sir Lancelot instead of whisking away Clara his fair maiden he bumbled towards them like a flustered bull in a china shop.
‘Ah there you are Clara.’
‘Yes here we are.’ Smiled Kristen sarcastically.
‘I had visions of all guns blazing and pistols at dawn.’
‘You’re crush pictures you as Annie Oakley? Good move Mr smooth?’ Whispered Kristen.
Clara discreetly elbowed Kristen in the stomach.
‘Mark ever so sweet of you to worry but Kristen and I had a much needed heart to heart.’
Mark passed Clara a golden envelope.
‘Wow Clara you’ve got the golden ticket for a night to fulfil wildest dreams…’
‘Whatever is it Mark?’
‘Its the official invitation to Mr Pembleton’s soirĂ©e.It says black tie optional.You know what I’m like when it comes to clothes.I try and look like Jude Law all cool and suave and I end up looking like Jim Carrey in dumb and dumber all nerdy and dork like.’


Chasing Shadows-chapter 2-extract 4

Caught in the middle of forbidden shadows,Kristen was thrust in Clara’s intense feelings.Torn whether to tell her to haul her merry butt and grin in a typical english stiff upper lip manner like she witnessed in Sunday night popcorn and Downtown Abbey sessions or reach out and give her friend a warm and friendly hug.
‘I had no idea.’ Kristen looked towards her sludgy green converses,embarrassed to give her friend contact.
‘For months I felt I didn’t need no one,pretending that I’m perfectly fine acting life and soul of the party.International super spy,mistress of flirting.Praying that Harvey would give me a second glance over that strumpet of a personal assistant Agnetha.when all the while….I dread going back to that cold and isolated flat with a cold pizza or Chinese for one? Longing that my friend would reach out with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough reaching out to press the self-destruct button.
‘I may not have Ben and Jerry’s.”
‘Damn it.’
‘But I have PB and J sandwiches,we can go halfsies? I’ll even allow you to cut the crusts off.’
‘Good job I’m a cheap date.’ Teased Clara.
‘Lets hug it out.’
Clara hugged Kristen,she leaned in close to feel the warmth of another human beings touch.For so long she has been closing down the barriers to her intense crazy feelings.
She looked towards her friend.
‘Thank you my kind hearted sloth K.’
‘Dont be a stranger,now get back to work Ms Frost.’
‘I love it when you go all dominatrix on me.’


Chasing Shadows-Chapter 2-extract 3

Marie Antoinette is led to her death,that’s how Clara felt as she marched the long darkened corridors towards her fate.Kristen and Clara have always remained the closest of friends,through thick and thin they have faced the turbulent storms of life together.They have put the world to rights,over a deadly cocktail of ingredients that they can lay their hands on from Kristen’s liquor cupboard,convinced that one day they would run away from Lunar enterprise and open up a honky Tonk open all hours,all singing dancing bar like the one in the film coyote ugly.To shielding their eyes with designer Gucci glasses and quietly concealing bloody Mary’s to endure the killer working day.
Through dodging the bullet of avoiding one night stands becoming ugly to the death of Kristen’s mother Meryl.Quiet whispers of Thelma and Louise falling from their throne of friendship.

Clara led Kristen to Mr Pembleton’s isolated board room,she walked down to the end of the table and leant forward trying as hard as she might to appear all business like.
‘Any attempt to seduce me will blow up in smoke as I’m not that way inclined.’
‘I could slap you right now Kristen,back there was uncalled for?’
‘So you brought me in here to beat me black and blue have cowardly of you.’
‘Grow up Kris,we are not twelve and this is no longer high school.Your subtle digs about Mark doesn’t wash with me?’
‘Clara you’ve got him eating out of the palm of your hand,queen pussy dangling her peasant subject mouse.’
‘Marks a sweetheart,he is perfectly aware of where we stand?’
‘Yeah whatever.’
‘Quit the cheer leader language K,this isn’t your soritory circle.’
‘What with the death stir earlier? You’ve been all Ice maiden frosty pants today?’
‘Times you can as subtle as a sledge hammer.’
‘In Earth english please human.’
‘Dissing my charm bracelet,it may not mean a thing to you but somehow call it cliche if you like? Whenever I lose my way and the skies they get heavy,the bracelet represents a piece of my heart.I can look down and my guardian angel is surrounding me with his beautiful golden wings and sweet kisses.I was cheated out of a wedding band,this is the closest I’ll ever get to my happy ever after.’


Chasing Shadows-Chapter 2-extract 2

Butterfly fluxing it’s wing span, doves love song Juliet’s stirring heart is how I describe love at first sight.That five second encounter is all it takes to fall in love.Clara giggled to herself the moment she first saw Mark,five years ago he was the new Intern boy,zero co-ordination with his dress sense.She shamefully recalled being determined to make him her pet project,real life action man in progress.She twirled her fluffy pink pen around and around.
The moment they met he had egg stains on his tie,that he was trying as hard as he might to shield from Clara’s view.Pretty harmless flirting is the tonic she needed to distract herself from the delicious Mr Pembleton.
‘I’m always an email away!’ Scoffed a voice.
Clara shot daggers across Kristen,two tribes go to war the slinky panther and the wild tigress.She hadn’t fully forgiven K for what she had said to her in the car.She twirled her charm bracelet around and around ‘Forgive me Lach,I’m trying to live my life but I’ll never forget you my sweetheart.’
‘Is there something you’d like to add to that remark Kris?”
‘Ooh a cat fight!’ piped up Morgan,as she casually filed her nails.She quickly picked up her phone and pressed two. ‘Nick get your butt up here there’s about to be a rumble in the jungle.’
‘Outside.’ Clara gestured towards the door.


Chasing Shadows Chapter 2-extract 1

Waft of cheap smelling aftershave,lingered around Clara’s desktop as Mark Evans the objected of her unrequited love and affection.Tried with all of his power and might to gain her attention.Lost in the sweet lilt of Faith Hills There you’ll be clinging onto memories of Lachlan,she longed for a distraction.Rather than keeping him at bay,she swivelled her chair to face her admirer.
‘Hello Mark.’ she smiled sweetly.
‘Clara.’ He replied trying as hard as he might to shield his blushes.
She studied his face,observing his kind dark eyes,masked behind his dark jar bottomed glasses.He nervously tussled with his shiny raven coloured hair with his hands.Dear Mark,soft caramel heart in the middle,you’re velvet smile doesn’t turn my head.You’re not dark and mysterious like Harvey yore no caped crusader you’re too shy retiring and needy for you’re own good.Politely waiting for my approval,sniffing around at my heel like a puppy vying for his mistresses attention.
However annoying he may be with his,poor rendition of three times a lady gifts of Millie cookies and silken scarfs.Endless hologram E-cards practically begging for a date.At the finest restaurants decked with violinists,singing waiters the works.One dancer short of a broadway interlude from singing in the rain.
indeed she’s a classic Hollywood icon an English rose brought to New York in her teens she was blinded by the city lights and seduced by her mother Serena Americas sweetheart of how wonderful the USA is,she vowed never to return to the dreary English countryside she was brought up in.
Her taste is indeed the highest level of being bought by thirty dollar lobster and caviar and sparkling Chardonnay.Those painful memories reminds her only of Lachlan.Why she secretly longs to be taken out to nandos on what Kristen refers to as a peasant budget kind of date,slobbing out in sweatpants snuggling up watching pretty woman.Talking till dawn.

Despite him not being the ideal smooth and suave love interest of her fantasy.He’s square in every possible way.For example he turned up to an important business function dressed in his signature Iron man costume.Mark was there through the dark times,gladly held her hand and was a much needed friend after the loss of her beloved.
He presented her with a rose and a gold box.
‘A Rose for a rose.’
‘How sweet and don’t tell me a Millie cookie with my initials on it?’
‘How did you guess?’
‘Darling Mark.’ She leaned forwards and touched his hand.
‘A thousand times,I said no more gifts.’
‘You’re worth every cent.’
Clara touched his shoulder.
‘Have you been working out?’
‘Only the photocopier.’
Clara twisted her hair to humour him.
‘Thats not why I came over.’
‘Its such a beautiful day don’t you think?’
‘Miss Clara will you accompany me to the Christmas dance?’
‘I’m awfully flattered by you thinking of me Mark,but I’m considering my options.I’ll get back to you on it.’
‘I’m always an email away?’


Chasing shadows-extract 7-chapter 1

Hungry like a wolf,Kristen drove in cruise control along the highway towards Lunar Celestial Enterprise.Clara touched the red leather upholstery seats to her companions vintage pink Chevrolet.Shes the living breathing Lady Penelope minus the Parker,how she admired Kristen’s independent woman spirit.Secretly envied her being able to function without a man in her life.
Like Grace Kelly,Clara elegantly poised upon the seat,perching her Calvin Klein sunglasses upon her forehead she allowed the wind to gently sweep
through her mane.
‘Turn up the volume K I love this song! So many memories of this song,I remember it was New Year’s Eve 2009,sunkissed beach in Perth,Lachlan was riding the waves.Whilst I sat upon the beach with an Aussie beverage,his sculptured body and red shorts looked like something from Baywatch.’
‘Wash your mouth out with soap and water you watched that filth?’
‘Dear Kris you live such a sheltered life,Aerosmith walk this way was blasting in the background.’
‘Walk this way talk this way just give me a kiss!’
‘Clara I’m only saying this because I love you and only want your best interests at heart.But you dress like a classy hooker.’
‘I have you know this little ensemble,was worn by Victoria Beckham at the GQ fashion awards.’
‘Your flat is like a creepy tribute to him,keeping all his vinyl and weird tie dye shirts .As for that ghastly rainbow mismatched charm bracelet of yours?’
‘Christmas 1999 the charms mean everything to me.Like a puzzle of treasured memories,leaf camping trip in Arizona.The cat I was his little…never mind.’ she blushed a little.
‘Lightening bolt represents my erratic moods,elephant the sacred trip to India,the moon the night he proposed under the gold cosmic stars and the little pom-poms the day we met under the bleachers…’
‘You’re haunted by the ghost of your dead lover.’