Chasing Shadows-chapter 2-extract 5

Like knights around the round table they all awaited with baited breath for Clara and Kristen to emerge from the battleground.Mark emerged from the mist like brave knight Sir Lancelot
‘No blood shed or tears?’ Enquired Nick.
‘Sorry to disappoint you Nick,but there was no ultimate showdown were K and I mud wrestled one another to the ground like in your twisted little fantasy world…There was a few tears.’
‘Proper snooze fest.Im out.’
Kristen looked on as he waltzed back to his domain in press relations.
‘All fake tan and platinum blonde he’s like a walking ken doll.’ Scoffed Clara.
‘But he has a really cute behind.’
‘La la I’m not listening.’ Clara placed her fingers in her ears.
‘Now who’s behaving like a child.’
Mark right on cue emerged from the mist like brave night Sir Lancelot instead of whisking away Clara his fair maiden he bumbled towards them like a flustered bull in a china shop.
‘Ah there you are Clara.’
‘Yes here we are.’ Smiled Kristen sarcastically.
‘I had visions of all guns blazing and pistols at dawn.’
‘You’re crush pictures you as Annie Oakley? Good move Mr smooth?’ Whispered Kristen.
Clara discreetly elbowed Kristen in the stomach.
‘Mark ever so sweet of you to worry but Kristen and I had a much needed heart to heart.’
Mark passed Clara a golden envelope.
‘Wow Clara you’ve got the golden ticket for a night to fulfil wildest dreams…’
‘Whatever is it Mark?’
‘Its the official invitation to Mr Pembleton’s soirée.It says black tie optional.You know what I’m like when it comes to clothes.I try and look like Jude Law all cool and suave and I end up looking like Jim Carrey in dumb and dumber all nerdy and dork like.’


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