Chasing Shadows-chapter 2-extract 4

Caught in the middle of forbidden shadows,Kristen was thrust in Clara’s intense feelings.Torn whether to tell her to haul her merry butt and grin in a typical english stiff upper lip manner like she witnessed in Sunday night popcorn and Downtown Abbey sessions or reach out and give her friend a warm and friendly hug.
‘I had no idea.’ Kristen looked towards her sludgy green converses,embarrassed to give her friend contact.
‘For months I felt I didn’t need no one,pretending that I’m perfectly fine acting life and soul of the party.International super spy,mistress of flirting.Praying that Harvey would give me a second glance over that strumpet of a personal assistant Agnetha.when all the while….I dread going back to that cold and isolated flat with a cold pizza or Chinese for one? Longing that my friend would reach out with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough reaching out to press the self-destruct button.
‘I may not have Ben and Jerry’s.”
‘Damn it.’
‘But I have PB and J sandwiches,we can go halfsies? I’ll even allow you to cut the crusts off.’
‘Good job I’m a cheap date.’ Teased Clara.
‘Lets hug it out.’
Clara hugged Kristen,she leaned in close to feel the warmth of another human beings touch.For so long she has been closing down the barriers to her intense crazy feelings.
She looked towards her friend.
‘Thank you my kind hearted sloth K.’
‘Dont be a stranger,now get back to work Ms Frost.’
‘I love it when you go all dominatrix on me.’


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