Chasing Shadows-Chapter 2-extract 3

Marie Antoinette is led to her death,that’s how Clara felt as she marched the long darkened corridors towards her fate.Kristen and Clara have always remained the closest of friends,through thick and thin they have faced the turbulent storms of life together.They have put the world to rights,over a deadly cocktail of ingredients that they can lay their hands on from Kristen’s liquor cupboard,convinced that one day they would run away from Lunar enterprise and open up a honky Tonk open all hours,all singing dancing bar like the one in the film coyote ugly.To shielding their eyes with designer Gucci glasses and quietly concealing bloody Mary’s to endure the killer working day.
Through dodging the bullet of avoiding one night stands becoming ugly to the death of Kristen’s mother Meryl.Quiet whispers of Thelma and Louise falling from their throne of friendship.

Clara led Kristen to Mr Pembleton’s isolated board room,she walked down to the end of the table and leant forward trying as hard as she might to appear all business like.
‘Any attempt to seduce me will blow up in smoke as I’m not that way inclined.’
‘I could slap you right now Kristen,back there was uncalled for?’
‘So you brought me in here to beat me black and blue have cowardly of you.’
‘Grow up Kris,we are not twelve and this is no longer high school.Your subtle digs about Mark doesn’t wash with me?’
‘Clara you’ve got him eating out of the palm of your hand,queen pussy dangling her peasant subject mouse.’
‘Marks a sweetheart,he is perfectly aware of where we stand?’
‘Yeah whatever.’
‘Quit the cheer leader language K,this isn’t your soritory circle.’
‘What with the death stir earlier? You’ve been all Ice maiden frosty pants today?’
‘Times you can as subtle as a sledge hammer.’
‘In Earth english please human.’
‘Dissing my charm bracelet,it may not mean a thing to you but somehow call it cliche if you like? Whenever I lose my way and the skies they get heavy,the bracelet represents a piece of my heart.I can look down and my guardian angel is surrounding me with his beautiful golden wings and sweet kisses.I was cheated out of a wedding band,this is the closest I’ll ever get to my happy ever after.’


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