Chasing Shadows-Chapter 2-extract 2

Butterfly fluxing it’s wing span, doves love song Juliet’s stirring heart is how I describe love at first sight.That five second encounter is all it takes to fall in love.Clara giggled to herself the moment she first saw Mark,five years ago he was the new Intern boy,zero co-ordination with his dress sense.She shamefully recalled being determined to make him her pet project,real life action man in progress.She twirled her fluffy pink pen around and around.
The moment they met he had egg stains on his tie,that he was trying as hard as he might to shield from Clara’s view.Pretty harmless flirting is the tonic she needed to distract herself from the delicious Mr Pembleton.
‘I’m always an email away!’ Scoffed a voice.
Clara shot daggers across Kristen,two tribes go to war the slinky panther and the wild tigress.She hadn’t fully forgiven K for what she had said to her in the car.She twirled her charm bracelet around and around ‘Forgive me Lach,I’m trying to live my life but I’ll never forget you my sweetheart.’
‘Is there something you’d like to add to that remark Kris?”
‘Ooh a cat fight!’ piped up Morgan,as she casually filed her nails.She quickly picked up her phone and pressed two. ‘Nick get your butt up here there’s about to be a rumble in the jungle.’
‘Outside.’ Clara gestured towards the door.


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