Chasing shadows-extract 7-chapter 1

Hungry like a wolf,Kristen drove in cruise control along the highway towards Lunar Celestial Enterprise.Clara touched the red leather upholstery seats to her companions vintage pink Chevrolet.Shes the living breathing Lady Penelope minus the Parker,how she admired Kristen’s independent woman spirit.Secretly envied her being able to function without a man in her life.
Like Grace Kelly,Clara elegantly poised upon the seat,perching her Calvin Klein sunglasses upon her forehead she allowed the wind to gently sweep
through her mane.
‘Turn up the volume K I love this song! So many memories of this song,I remember it was New Year’s Eve 2009,sunkissed beach in Perth,Lachlan was riding the waves.Whilst I sat upon the beach with an Aussie beverage,his sculptured body and red shorts looked like something from Baywatch.’
‘Wash your mouth out with soap and water you watched that filth?’
‘Dear Kris you live such a sheltered life,Aerosmith walk this way was blasting in the background.’
‘Walk this way talk this way just give me a kiss!’
‘Clara I’m only saying this because I love you and only want your best interests at heart.But you dress like a classy hooker.’
‘I have you know this little ensemble,was worn by Victoria Beckham at the GQ fashion awards.’
‘Your flat is like a creepy tribute to him,keeping all his vinyl and weird tie dye shirts .As for that ghastly rainbow mismatched charm bracelet of yours?’
‘Christmas 1999 the charms mean everything to me.Like a puzzle of treasured memories,leaf camping trip in Arizona.The cat I was his little…never mind.’ she blushed a little.
‘Lightening bolt represents my erratic moods,elephant the sacred trip to India,the moon the night he proposed under the gold cosmic stars and the little pom-poms the day we met under the bleachers…’
‘You’re haunted by the ghost of your dead lover.’


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