Chasing Shadows-extract 4-chapter 1

A Sirens call, sailors warning rushing waves over the bow of a sunken ship.Green menacing piercing eyes peering from the shadows.A blood curdling scream,Clara jolted up with to her silent relief it was just a dream.But dreams have hidden uncodable meanings.She can’t confide in Kristen as she’s already started calling her freaky-deaky frost for predicting the previous weeks lottery numbers.She turned to face the clock,5 am only two hours and she will have to get up for her Gym work out before work with Kristen and Samantha another of her colleagues at work.Yet another drunken New Year’s Eve ritual from the previous year she was living to regret.Only five times in the past six months she’s bravely faced the Lycra clad gym freaks.

After showering,she does her daily facial routine using the various potions she’s invested in from the numerous consumer channels,which swear by keeping your skin feeling eternally youthful and glowing. “Fifty dollars a bottle,I should think so.” Gazing into the mirror,she sighed a silent sigh as she began to preen her face.
“If only it would zap away my frown lines.”
Picking up a hairbrush she quickly prised it through ridding all of the unruly tangles and scrunched it into a messy bun,waltzing into her bedroom which is decked with a fine walk in sex in the city Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe,and hunted for the most perfect outfit to wear at the office.She refused for her boss to see her in her surfer chick state,sitting upon her beautiful Egyptian cotton bed covers she squeezed herself into her pink Armani gym outfit,picked up her blue jump suit for work and merrily went on her way.


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