Chasing Shadows-extract 3

Red Italian leather stilettos thrust upon the floor,black dress and lace stockings leading a trail of destruction.Clara emerged from her bedroom wearing a silk kimono as she slumps down next to her beautiful white Persian cat zsa zsa and her fluffy golden Labrador Monroe in homage to zsa zsa Gabor and her Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.
Gazing towards the lonely Chinese meal consisting of luscious egg fried rice,noodles beef curry to die for.Which will indeed do no favours to her waist line if she’s to pull off the beautiful silver diamond encrusted dress.Kristen persuaded her into buying for the Christmas extravaganza upon the dreamy Mr Pembletons yaught.
‘Indeed Kristen,I need to live a little.”
Two years had past since her fiancĂ© Lachlan Morrison.He was her childhood sweetheart,she was the pretty cheerleader,Lachlan the quarterback at Milton High Academy.The night before they were due to marry,he died of a rare heart condition.Since then Clara has been living inside her chrysalis,frightened to emerge in case her heart broken again.Until she had befriended the new girl Kristen,her guardian angel of mercy.She’s lost count of the number of cosmopolitans and manhattans she’s necked at bars and the countless strangers she’s become entangled with.

Slowly tucking into the noodles,Monroe looks on inquisitively as Clara twirls the individual noodles upon her fork.She turns around and notices Zsa Zsa scurrying along the kitchen work tops.
“Down Zsa Zsa!” she screeches.
Casually leaning over the sofa to hunt for the TV remote,she discovers crumpled up magazines,underwear from a previous drunken night with a stranger.Clara gagged slightly,as she recovers a crusty old slice of pepperoni and peppers stuffed crust pizza.
“I think I could do with hiring a cleaner?” she sighed. “Aha!” She cried as she victoriously retrieved the remote just in time for her beloved show Americas next top model.


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