Chasing Shadows-brand new

Chapter 1

Tick tock of the wooden clocks pulsating heartbeat,drumming finger tips beating a rhythm repeatedly upon the brown oak desk.A heavy sigh,velvet vacant smiles,exchanged between reluctant colleagues caught in the rat race of survival.’Just an average mind numbing ground hog day at the house of fun.’ Sighed Clara Frost.

She swished her beautiful brunette hair behind her,as she carefully examined her crimson red chipped nails.Her mind was somewhat diverted from the endless spreadsheets,brown paper cups and empty chocolate wrappers littered up her normal prim and pristine conditioned desk and the constant prattling of her friend Kristen Sycomore,she casually plugged in her ipod to drown out the sound and pressed play.The haunting sounds of Gabrielle Aplin’s  Salvation took her away into her own little fantasy world.

Dreamily doey-eyed at her ruggedly handsome boss,Mr  Harvey Pembleton every ounce of him oozed sex confidence and power.Lord and master,of his empire boldly made his entrance.Clara’s dreams were shattered as she witnessed Harveys perfectly sculptured Swedish personal assistant  Agnetha Engberg elegantly sauntered to take her loyal place beside him casually mopped  his brow.

‘Thank you Agnetha.’

‘Listen up peasants!’ He snarled.  ‘For I have an announcement to make.’

‘Clara.’ Whispered Kristen.

Clara quickly whipped out her ipod headphones.

‘Whatever is it?”

‘Mr Pembleton is about to make an annoucement,I wonder if he’s going to give us a pay rise? Or yours truly a promotion? Such a waste,a gorgeous man with shed loads of cash and no one to spend it on? imagine all of the diamond rings and Gucci dresses you could buy.Heaven is indeed a place on earth.”

Clara rolled her eyes skywards.

‘Kristen,you have more chance of becoming head cheerleader for NY Knicks with that perty little bottom of yours…than Mr Pembleton giving you a promotion above little miss prissy knickers.Word has it that he is going to propose to Ms Engberg and together they are going to join forces to make a bigger empire.’

‘When I have your full attention Miss Frost?’ He briefly paused to straighten his tie. ‘It’s the time of year,where the profits and sales of Lunar Celestial enterprise are generating potential new clients on a global basis.However I do not wish to bore you all with the details as the majority of you,have the intellect of a gnat.’

‘Was dory the last name he called you?’ Sniggered Kristen.

‘I had merely forgotten an important matter of submitting an email to a potential client,after a night of indulging too many wines.’

‘Christmas is just around the corner,and I can imagine you await with baited breath at the choice of venue.Picture this if you may,glittering ball gowns,sparkling champagne by the moonlight sky.You are all accordingly invited to a no expences spared trip of a lifetime on my lavish yaught.Decked out with steam rooms, luxury swimming pool lined with gold…underwater bar.Whilst feasting upon caviar and quails eggs and a chocolate fountain! But enough before I have you all salivating at your desks like a pack of unruly hound dogs! Back to work!’

A round of applause erupted,as he made his exit like a magician conjuring up his final spell.Woven words full of mirrors and illusions as he had his captive audience awaiting for the grande finale. He Vanishes like a thief in the night.


7 thoughts on “Chasing Shadows-brand new

  1. sophiebowns says:

    Hi Sarah, this is interesting. I like the fact that you’re attempting to write in a different genre. (So am I, and it’s quite tricky!)
    A few things to help you:
    -Paragraph 3 = ‘Mooning’-> doesn’t that mean something else? :p
    -I’d probably just say “What is it?” (Instead of “whatever is it)
    -The last line -> I might put : ‘he vanishes like a thief in the night.’

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