Chapter 17

Chapter 17
Lord Henry placed his hand upon my shoulder,I turned around and sunk into his arms.He kissed the nape of my neck. ‘I know my love,this day must be extremely difficult for you?’
‘Thank you Benjamin.’
‘I knew I shouldn’t have whisked you away from your family you need them around you?’
‘Ever so sweet of you but I shall be fine.’
‘Poor timing I know.’
‘You weren’t to know,I just need to learn to fight the demons in my head.’
‘I was so wrapped up in her behaviour,how she aught to hold herself and I am ashamed to say I taught her the fan etiquette for heaven sake.’
‘Don’t tell me that’s real? I always thought it was all a myth?’
‘I am slowly turning into my Mama,so stubborn in her ways.I just hate the thought of her whoring herself to all of those gentlemen officers.She’s worth so much more than that.Stop sometimes and reguard other people’s feelings.I admit my mouth can often run away with me at times.’
‘You’re certainly not Lady Antoinette’s daughter for nothing.’
‘If only I stopped thought of the consequences and told her how much I loved her and how beautiful she was.Oh Ben,she was wearing a beautiful yellow dress all sunshine and smiles.Perhaps if I insisted upon going instead of insulting her intelligence.I could have prevented her from going on the horse.She was only trying to prove a point to me.I saw a gentleman only looks to a woman who appreciates fine art and conversation….adores riding horses.Oh Benjamin what have I done?’

Finally we where home at Peonia ros,in true tradition Lord Henry thought he aught to carry me over the threshold.
‘My Lady.’
He picked me up. ‘I think all of the finest cuisine and italian pastries is weighing you down?’
Once inside the house was awe inspiring,took my breathe away.Just as I imagined and so much more.It was nice to see that Tom had taken my design idea on board from the detailed architechtual drawings to this.The sloping ceilings brought a modern air to the building.The light and shade of my mosaic ceiling was a reknowned success.A beautiful masterpiece in all of it’s glory.Why I would make Lady Isabelle Chadwick green with envy I can picture it now her demanding an appointment with Thomas Davernport himself and demanding her house to have a face lift.
Yes I can see it now,Lady Gisele Henry architecht of the future.I can dream,women with profession’s are frowned upon.How I detest being a kept woman,forever worrying about my appearance whether my nails are chipped or when my next facial was due.There was also the pressure of being in italian society what was the latest hair do.
Peonia rosa was a blank canvas,it just needed the female touch my guidance to achieve this.My cushions and floating down curtains,candles dotted around to give it the much needed ambience and feel I intended.Tom Davernport the master and soul creator of our dream came to greet us.’
‘The master of all he surveys? Darling. ‘I kissed his cheek.’
‘Lady Henry a delight to see you?’
‘And you too,where is Reinette and you’re delight of a daughter Lucille?’
‘Remain in London,Reinette thought Lucille would be into everything so kept her away.’
‘She’s a wise Mama.I bet she’s into everything?’
‘Lucille is a god send Gisele.What do you think of Peonia Rosa,I hope it doesn’t disappoint?’
‘How can your work disappoint me? You have worked your fingers to the bone?’
‘Gisele,I’ll go and see to the children?’
‘All right darling.’
He kissed my cheek and left my side.
‘You look blissfully happy,simply glowing?’
‘That I am Tom.’
‘So Lady Henry how was Verona?’
‘What is the matter I received your letter you finally lived out your heart’s desire,you have the gentleman of your dreams?’
‘There was a dark cloud hanging over it.Since it was Lucille’s birthday.’
‘I returned to London and spent some time beside her grave.’
‘I miss her too.’
‘I hope this didn’t put you in a difficult position with Reinette…or apply pressure upon your marriage?’
‘Reinette is fully aware of the true nature of my relationship with my sister.That’s what I love about her,the light of my life.Reinette understands that Lucille and I were extremely close,but she doesn’t know how I truly felt for her.’
‘Which is come on Mr Davernport you can tell me?’
‘It hasn’t dawned on me until I returned to London and stood beside her grave.Remonising the times I would wait for her outside her bedroom window,the faith she had within me to give me the confidence to believe I could pursue my architechture as a career.Society had her down all wrong yes she may have had an eye for the officers and laugh in the face of etiquette.I loved your sister a great deal,she was stubborn in her ways.But she had the Delessop trait in believe in me.I had a lot to thank her for,I was going to save up enough commission to buy an engagement ring.Shame she never saw me a romantic way? Maybe if I had become a member of the regiment?’
‘Oh Tom,you mattered a great day to Luc too.Why she thought the world of you,she was always under the impression that it was only unrequited love and you reguarded her as baby sister.That you were only fond of her?’
‘Do not breathe a word of this to Reinette,I beg of you.’
‘I shall not breathe a word.’
‘Thank you.’
‘I feel your pain Tom,Verona was as they say the city of lovers.Benjamin was a different person,a complete sweetheart.Forever romancing me with beautiful words…sitting up talking looking up at the stars.He never mentioned Oliver once,the endless wining and dining it did my body no favours.The Pasta,oh Tom I could have lived off one helping for a week.I can still taste the divine texture upon my pallete.He granted my wish by taking me to see Lady Juliet’s balcony extremely sweet of him.’
‘Your’e smiling like a cheshire cat.’
‘I couldn’t take it all in,standing there in all of it’s glory.For all of the world to see,I absorbed it all as the world stood still.I could see the vision of the two starcrossed lovers.The power struggle of Juliet Capulet as she dreamt for her Romeo’s return,how she wrestled with her true emotions despite him being her family’s sworn enemey.The one promise I shall give to Lord Henry in return is to love him till the end of my days.We walked around some galleries,no I shall rephrase that we browsed.The architechture was sublime Tom,you would have been in your element.Ben doesn’t apprecite fine detail like you and I do,he was like oh look at the wiggly lines Gisele and you recall what he was like when he had to pin him down whilst discussing the estate’s plans.This place will be the making of us Tom,I can feel it in my bones.Now if you excuse me I long to be introduced to my beautiful Puck.We shall dine in the drawing room later.’ I kissed his cheek.
I slowly walked towards the stables,they looked vast in comparison to the scale and size of New Dawn Estate.I looked and saw my beautiful Puck awaiting my return.She’s just all I ever wanted and more,to fill the void of losing Misty and Quinn not a day passes by when I do not think about them and if their new owner is taking perfectly good care of them.She is the image of Cossack when she was a beautiful young filly.I couldn’t help feeling a tad emotional all of the pieces of the house falling into place.Before I’m reunited with my beautiful girls,I’m ever so greatful for Nancy but I am sure she will be able to cope for a few hours longer.Lord Henry is on hand in case he is needed.I decided that I would have a ride,it’s such a fine day and it’s vital that Puck and I bond quickly from the start.I measured her placing my hands upon her back. ‘Five hands? Just a hand higher than Cossack.Benjamin has an eye for a fuhrer bred.I ran my hand through her beautiful thick glossy coat.
‘Hello Puck,I’m your Mama.’
She nuzzled me gently.
‘Now there’s no need to be coy.I’m going to plenty of care of you…and I have two angels who I’m sure will overfeed you with lots of oats and carrots,indulging you with squeezes and bundles of love and affection.If they give you the classic Es,Ava make over of endless rainbow ribbons and over the top hairstyles.Do not hold it against them Esme and Ava love you very dearly.Why you’re the angel of mercy for coming along at a good time their hearts broken because of their selfish father,my former husband Lord Oliver Rickman has left without a trace and they didn’t get a chance to kiss him goodbye.’
I climbed upon her back,I felt a little on edge.Puck sensed my nerves she was full of spirit I give her that.She started to get riled whinny and rear up.I tried to soothe her gently using a calming tone. ‘Shh easy girl.’
She ran off with me upon her back.I was unable to control her temprement.Puck ran off,broken branches restricting her path. I saw my life flash me by,the birth of my children my first encounter with Lord Henry,first kiss with Carl all a montage of colours.All of a sudden I feared for my life.
‘Please Lord,do not allow me to die.I’m far too young,I’ve just married the love of my life.It would end his days,devastate him.If he discussed my crumpled body upon the ground.And what of Mama? Mama has just come to terms with Lucille’s death.If I shall die today,please enable Ben to find the inner strength and courage to eventually love again.I couldn’t bare it,if he ended up alone.He needs the love,care and all of his physical needs another woman can give to him.The children they need a Mother,as I said these words Puck started to calm,her whirlwind temprement began to soften.It was as though my prayers have been answered.I felt the words flow through my hair.My dear Papa is watching over me like a guardian angel as he prmised on my wedding day.He may not be here in flesh but he’s alongside me in spirit.
Feeling shaken,I thought I aught to return to the house to avoid tempting fate.Looking like a bedraggled fool, I made my way back towards the house.Feeling torn I felt tempted to sneek through the servant’s quarters,slip into one of my day dresses then Tom and Lord Benjamin would be none of the wiser.But if I did this and Lord Henry discovered that I had deceived him he would no longer feel he could trust me.Time to face the music,composing myself ‘Ok stay cool calm and collected then he would be none of the wiser.My heart all of a flutter,sweaty palms I made my way towards the front entrance,expecting to be greeted by Nancy or Browning our manservant I was taken a back to be greeted by my oh so doting husband.Lord Henry’s eyes make as Mercutio says make dark heaven night.Greeted me with a tender kiss.His eyes full of love but so cold and stern at the same time.
‘Where were you?’
‘Since when where you my mother?’
‘Isn’t it a crime for a husband to show his concern? Forgive me but I was about to send a search party out?’
‘That’s one step from summoning the hounds?’
‘Sarcasm isn’t an attractive thing Gisele.’
‘I’m sorry is my husband angry with me?’
I placed my arms around his neck.
‘I only worry because I care,you can’t just twist me around your little finger Gis.’
I pouted hoping to make it all well in the world once more.Looking into Lord Henry’s eyes I fluttered my eyelashes in his direction.
‘I just couldn’t resist temptation I was out riding Puck.’
I recoiled I have no idea how he’d react to this remark,I know he would never harm a hair upon my head but one little comment like this and I would battered and bruised upon the floor at the hand of Jack.Or he would somehow get inside my head dissect each and every single one of my phrases twist it around as though I’m the one entirely at fault.
‘You’re hardly dressed appropriately?’
‘Why turn your face away? Did you feel that I was going to hit you? Answer me that Jack do that to you?’
‘Yes….I’m sorry.’
‘Gisele you have nothing to apologise for.’
‘Puck,she was just standing there pretty as a picture.I just didn’t think.I swear I will never do it again…Where are my girls I long to see them?’
‘Nancy thought they aught to take a nap.’
‘I must go to them.’
‘Is something the matter Gis,you look white as a sheet?’
‘I’m perfectly fine,oh husband of mine.Come on lets get thee to bed.’
I took hold of his hand.’Make the most of this.’
Lord Henry backed away from me.
‘What is this? Lord Henry is rejecting my advances?’
Tom cleared his throat.
‘Gisele you can’t brush over the subject use intimacy as a weapon so I can forget about it.’
‘That’s not true?’
You’re wrinkling your nose.Lady Henry are you lying to me?’
‘Please Benjamin,must you always make a fuss?’
‘Whatever is it Benjamin?
Be a gentleman and fetch my lady ewife a whisky.’
‘Don’t listen to him Tom you know how much I detest whiskey it makes me gag.’
‘Do not take her word ,I fear she’s in shock.Gisele’s shaking like a leaf!’
‘Benjamin’s right I…’
‘Tom you’re a dear friend and I love you so…but please will you me be!’
‘If that’s how you want to play it?’
He ignored my protests walked slowly towards Lord Henry he whispered into his ear.
Pardon me for breathing…Benjamin may I offer you some advice you’re wife is playing a dangerous take heed and tell her to stop playing games before she ends up getting hurt or worse still…I can’t talk to her whilst she’s being like this.”
Tom walks off.
‘Tom only meant well?’
‘How dare you trying to defy and control me.’
‘You’re my wife it’s my duty to worry.’
‘It’s your honour my Lord to love and honour your wife.’
‘Mr Davernport only meant well.’
‘Tea and sympathising isn’t my style.You and I both know that.I’ll swallow my pride and make it up to him later.For now…’
‘Gisele you can be quite the stubborn mule sometimes?’
‘Right now we’re alone I feel it’s time for you to open and honest be brutal if that’s the case.I shall leave no stone unturned until I uncover the forbidden truth.’
‘The truth is I couldn’t resist riding Puck.’
‘You’re hardly dressed appropriately?’
I recoiled in horror,this echoed the horrors when I was battered and blue upon the floor after suffering at the hands of my beloved Jack.It all started psychologically once upon a time.Why he questions what I wore ever so subtly and then asked of my movements and when I had the strength to stand up for my self.I dare speak to a gentleman,yes I asked for it no lady in polite society is to speak up to a man.As heaven forbid it may bruise their ego,I was meant to act the dutiful beautiful wife seen but never heard.He was clever bruising in places that were carefully hidden below my gown.I shudder at the thought of this,Lord Benjamin swore he wouldn’t lay a finger upon my porcelain skin but Jack said this.
‘Why do you shudder at my hand?’
‘It reminded me of the way Jack spoke to me.Subtle put downs dissecting my state of dress.Painful memories.’
‘You know I will never bring harm to you.’
‘I am quite aware of that.The truth is Puck and I going to take a lot longer to bond than I initially thought.’
‘What don’t tell me the horse whisperer is admitting defeat at the first hurdle?’
‘It devastates me Ben,with Cossack and Quinn it was love at first sight.Puck I fear it will take longer than I anticipated and because of this until I can fully trust her Esme and Ava are unable to ride her.’
‘That’s a bit drastic?’
‘You weren’t there Benjamin,she was spooked I am not sure what caused this.But she started to rear me she quite a wild horse.She bolted off,I was powerless to stop oh Benjamin I thought that I was going to die.’
‘As duty of your husband Gisele.Next time you are going to go alone.’
I placed my hand upon his arm to reassure him. ‘I reassure you it will never happen again.I’ll be careful next time.’
‘Lady Henry,I can’t prepare to take that risk.Sweet heart you are my wife and how do you feel if I’ll lose you?’
‘I’m sure you’ll manage without me? You’ll learn to love again.’

‘Ready or not here I come!’
I hadn’t had time to pause for breathe or recover from my slight horse scare and Lord Henry and I swore that this secret was to remain between husband and wife.After all we don’t want to alarm Lady Antoinette.I was soon thrust into the throwes of motherhood once more.Esme and Ava are ever so good at twisting us around their little finger and we were transported into their own little worlds again.From catching fairies and keeping them in lanterns,jumping from one toadstool to the next after mischievous pixies.Enchanted by the endeering and ever so beautiful ice queen.Or hiding from the ferocious fire breathing dragon.
That’s Benjamin I have to thank for this retelling his Arthurian legends for you.It’s a miracle the children dontt wake up during the night plagued with recurring dark dreams.
Esme and I rolled about on the grass,I caught her nuzzled her neck.
‘I love you Mama.’ she smiled

Now we were playing hide and seek,I looked at Benjamin.He turned and looked at both of the girls in turn. ‘Run Guinevere before the big bad wolf gets you.’
‘He will have to catch me first!’
I kissed his lips.He pushed me towards the wall.
‘You can huff and puff all you like Lord Henry.’ I gestured towards the children.
‘Run and hide from the big bad wolf little red!’ I shouted to Ava.
‘Papa won’t catch us!’ squealed Ava.
‘I will give you the head start!’ shouted Lord Henry. ‘One two three!’
Esme and Ava ran off to hide.
‘I could sit and watch those two forever.’
‘There like little angels.’
‘Just soak it up and indulge in those little things that we’ve taken for granted.Don’t you just love their version of hide and seek?’
‘They called me Papa.’
‘That’s what you are to them.Oliver and Jack may be flesh and blood but that counts as nothing to them.They abandoned them now in their time of need.’
I placed my hand around his waist and kissed him tenderly.
‘Where are you going?’
‘To go and offer some humble pie to Tom.’

I walked sauntered through the gardens back towards the house.I ventured through the corridors still smelling the newness of it all.Skimmed my fingers across the crevices of the walls.Reminds me of the time we first moved into my childhood home Songbird cherry blossom.Called that under the protest of my Papa he thought it sounded long winded and for some reason wanted to call it Humming Bird but as always Mama won the argument.I fell in love with it instantly.I could lose myself within the beauty of the grounds.I was like a labryinth full of twists and turns and plenty of magical hiding places to fulfill our mischievous games.I was eight when my Mama and Papa bought me my delightful Cossack,her height was overwhelming at first she towered over my petite figure.But she was a graceful friendly giant love at first sight.We bonded the moment she caught my gaze,when I caught her trying to eat one of Papa’s precious rose bushes.I recall Victor one of the gardener’s chasing after her for dear life.But she managed to out run him,a rebel with a good heart.

The day I met my Carl,was a typical blustery autumn day.I was a lost soul.His eyes,full of hunger inviting me in.I never had the misfortune of encountering the ever so delightful Duke Matthew back then. ‘He’s an unsociable kind.’ I recalled Carl saying once upon a time. ‘Do not be bought by his web of lies he said on the eve of our engagement.He was perfectly right,but innocent and naive I believed I loved him.It makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomache.
I never dreamt that one day I would lose him to the darkness of murdering his brother.

I swallowed my pride and made my way towards the drawing room door I had an inclination that he might be in here.With a bold manner I rapped upon the door.He beckoned me in ‘Enter at your will!’
Opening the door I noticed that Tom was sat upon Benjamin’s favourite chair sat bolt up right.Whatever posessed me to ask for permission to enter a room for heaven sake.It’s always accustomed at a young age out of politeness that I aught to knock.I’m the Lady of the Manor.I do not need permission to enter or vacate a room.
‘Ah! Gisele!’
‘I’d say it’s an extreme pleasure to see you after our little incident this morning?’
‘Mr Davernport I…’
‘Gisele why are you addressing me as though I’m one of your manservants?’
‘Mr Davernport I would like to offer a sincere and heartfelt apology.So if you don’t mind me I would like to apologise…’
‘Gisele why address me so formally as thought you’re dismissing me from your household? You have been a dear friend to me for years I do not understand?’
‘You can be so impossible sometimes.Please you always feel as though you’re inferior to my family and this breaks my heart…because you had no title? For once in my life allow me to do this. Please,Let me to treat you as you’re equal.’
‘I’m all ears?’
I started to twist my hands uncomfortably turning them around in a circular motion.
‘Benjamin can be a tad overpowering sometimes.’
‘It’s only because he cares for you,you’re his wife he doesn’t want you to come to any harm.’
‘It was my own fault whatsoever possesed me to take out Puck riding I didn’t have her saddle or bridle attached….don’t look at me in that way and I don’t even know anything about her traits or what makes her tick.I’m such a fool,completely failed her.’
‘Gisele Delessop the horse whisperer surely not?’
‘Benjamin humoured me in referring to me in such a way…I know he meant well and didn’t want to spare my feelings.I realise I haven’t been around horses for quite some time but truth be told I was frightened Tom.My confidence knocked out of me and then to hear Lord Henry the love of my life…my trusted confidante.Having little faith within his wive’s horseriding skills.It’s the only thing I know Tom,without it I’m nothing.I realise now you meant well and in the heat of the moment I perhaps overreacted a little.Will you ever find it within your heart to forgive me?
‘Gisele Tara Anastacia you’re my sweet and beautiful friend.Can be a wild fiery thing with your pretty head forever being turned by a handsome stranger.But despite you’re flaws I love and adore you…I could never hate you.It broke me when I wasn’t there for Luc to lose you in similar circumstances.Lady Henry I accept your apology.’
‘I hope that I wasn’t disturbing you? I was playing with the children and needed to catch my breathe…’
‘No,not at all.I was just writing to Reinette.’
‘You must miss her dearly?’
‘Recalling my love for Ren,I’m lucky to have been given a second chance.I have an angelic daughter who’s growing and developing into a healthy little girl daily and a beautiful siren of a wife who stands by my side sharing the same vision.There was a time when the work dried up I was so afraid that would turn out to be like those gold digger harlots you hear of…that Reinette would leave me.’
‘Reinette is misunderstood Tom remember Mama’s reaction.’
‘The foreign creature new money I suspect? I remember.’
‘Reinette is not after your money Tom.’
‘She’s proved her worth and business is thriving for the time being.’
‘I’m so happy for you Tom.’
‘Hark at you the lady of the manor,colour finally returned to her cheeks.Gisele Delessop finally a woman of the world.I can see you’re at peace now?’
‘I don’t think I will ever be that I shall remain a tortured soul until I’m finally reunited with my beloved child sister and Papa.I’m happy and content for the time being.’
‘I know this is impeccable timing and beastly of me to do this but…’
‘Oh spit it out Tom.’
‘This arrived for you whilst you were away?’
Tom handed over a letter. ‘From Lord Rickman?’
‘I presumed so,I recognised his spider like scrawl.’ I laughed fondly.

It was but a few days when Lord Oliver and I were parted from one another.Barely married and as a gesture and to settle the score with Duke Matthew.He’d joined the regiment act of love or seal of his death.Coward or sheer stupidity I was yet to decide.I felt cheated for we should be spending our time getting acquainted with one another properly building the foundation of our future.Not clinging onto to my hope that he’ll return.Living alone in Serenity Estate my mind began to wander looking out of the window as the seasons began to change before my very eyes.I would look towards the grounds and visualise him upon his beautiful horse Samson.Tender memories of our first meeting and the day I fell for his charm was the only thing that kept me going.I had the courage from my family to live on I had no idea what I’d do without them.Oh how I fantasised the day he would return to my door,fling his loving arms around me.Whisper in a sweet romantic tone. ‘Sweet pea I’m home.’
In the darkness we would rekindle our lost love but all of those dreams turned to dust.Slipping through my fingers as the days lingered on.I felt so lonely and isolated from the world thank heavens for Cossack.All I had left of my husband were his beautiful letters fragments of his his heart to keep me going.Olly’s letters bless him sweet words taken great care of speaking words of love and passion for me how my heart skipped like a new born butterfly whenever he addressed me as Lady Rickman.One disappointed I only had of him was he could have taken more care over his writing.
Today I sat upon the steps and smelt the parchment just like I always did when I received yet another correspondence from him.His fragrance so powerful,his words entwined.

My loves delight,my sweet pea.
How I long to be in your loving arms once more.
My beautiful wife,fiend and lover.
Here to hold me ever so close in these cold nights.
I bet this is killing you? It’s killing me unable to find
or form the correct words.
Even know I shudder at your prescence I feel like a public
school as I express my feelings for you.
Words were so simple when I could hear you
angel of my life time.
Without you I’m nothing.
Yours Oliver.

I kept the letters even know to show them to Ava and Esme that he did love their precious Mama.

I opened the letter,so afraid to look at the contents that was about to face me.

Dear Madam
Madam? Just like the first letter? How dare he!

I write this correspondence to you,a broken man
Choking upon the words of Lady Gisele Henry?
My tears run dry,admitting that Lord Henry has
finally won the heart of my beautiful lady.

I’m not some prize to be won? The unsufferable fool!

I banished myself to…well I shall remain my whereabouts
a mystery.Why? I do not wish to be found.
Who knows or for how long it shall be for.
Or if I shall ever return to London.
I will discuss Serenity Estate and New Dawn
Estate only in correspondence to yours truly.
Though I shall imagine it will all come to me
after all you abandoned me leaving me with
I have a lot to thank your Mama,Lady Antoinette
after all was ever so kind in my time of darkness.
One day,in time I shall return her hospitality as
I’m ever in her debt.
Louisa remains in London,I know I spoke of New
Dawn but I haven’t been honest with you.
I surrender,New Dawn shouldn’t remain an empty shell.
She has built her life there now,she has a bond with your
sisters.She needs the chance to grow and gather her
I found the love letters you bestowed upon me.
Once upon a time,the thought of our love last forever.
To be truthful they kept me alive,fighting.
My intentions was to only make you happy Gisele.
I enclose the lock of hair,I once treasured as a prized
Also the single red rose that you so lovingly pressed
leaving your heavenly essence.
With deep regrets
Lord Oliver Rickman

I closed the letter,with deepest regrets? Make it sound so final.Mixture of emotions ran through my head,for so long I have painted Oliver to be a gentle creature,telling Esme and Ava tales of how he rescued me from the clutches of Jack they looked to him as a hero.I vowed that he would protect them till the end of the days no matter what happend.I have lied to them,later in life they may contact him and this will give him the perfect opportunity to twist the knife in.Portray Lady Gisele,the Mama who whored herself to any willing gentleman that would have her.I can’t stand the prospect of this,I have protected them for ever so long.With anger and frustration I tore the letter up into a thousand pieces.I looked down at my beautiful wedding ring.Shining in all of it’s glory,it only seemed like yesterday when I made my promises to my husband.My wedding dress was like a dream,sweeping as I walked down the aisle to greet Benjamin,those memories was a wake up call that I finally needed.For years I have tried to prove myself to Lord Rickman apologised for ever so many times for betraying him.I Lady Gisele Anastacia Henry has god finally smiling upon my life I’ve paid the price for my wrong doings.Yes I can kiss goodbye to my former life with Lord Oliver,once not afraid to show admiration for his wonderful endearing ways.Pains me to say I’ve lost all respect for the father of my children.His promise of always bing there,I’m through with that sad and pathetic small minded little man.He can go and die for all I care.

After receiving alarming news about my beautiful mare I decided that I would take baby steps with Puck after receiving a rather alarming letter from an acquaintance of Daniel.

After your news of your misfortune with Puck
from Sophia,so unlike Gisele I thought to myself.
Why she has been surrounded with beautiful horses
all of her life.What’s changed with this poor little
rich girl.

Poor little rich girl? Cheap shot? Good job I know
Daniel’s sense of humour.

So I decided to do a little digging,word reached
me of some dark and disturbing news of your
Puck.I shall not go into grave detail but she
was ill treated by her former master.Locked
in a small box of a stable that she could
barely stand up in.
Whipped if she dared to protest,I’m surprised
she survived Gisele.You were lucky that your
Benjamin’s friend discovered her.She was
malnurished he nursed her back to health.
She was whipped badly bruised.Bits of fur
Sorry to be the bearer of this news.

I refused to leave her side,I needed to gain this beautiful fiends trust.I am surprised that Lord Henry acquaintance didn’t mention this to him.I shall not hold this against him.Puck is finally in a loving home.It broke my heart that such a calm and beautiful creature would come to such harm.I stood there beside Puck the images plaguing my thoughts.Each beating that she took,starving her who would do such a thing? If I ever have the opportunity of meeting her torturer I would deserve him to be shot or worse still bring him under false pretences and lace his drink with the deadliest of poison await his slow lingering death.Punish him the way he punished a poor defenceless creature powerless to fight back.Lord Henry kissed my forehead.

‘I had no idea Gis,please don’t hate me.’
‘I could never hate you.’
‘If I had known that she’d been ill treated.’
‘Ill treated? More like tortured.’
‘I never would have got involved.I feel physically sick to the pit of my stomache.;
‘I do not blame you Benjamin.I feel…as though God has brought me to her,my second chance to make things right.Part of me feels we’ve rescued her from the depths of darkness.The prospect of her beautiful body being whipped starving her to death in a hovel.’
‘I know.’
‘It’s made me realise that Puck and I are alike.’
‘Both beautiful creatures,completely misunderstood.Why we’re damaged goods and with an outstretched hand…patience love and kindness I am going to do my sheer utmost to gain her trust.The thought of thinking I’ve beat her,no wonder she got spooked.I’d never raise a hand to her,she’s just a baby in disguise Ben,this is killing me.’


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  1. sophiebowns says:

    Another great chapter Sarah! 🙂
    There’s so much going on, but I like that- you have so many characters! (In a good way) I’m beginning to worry that I don’t have enough in “Azure” but we’ll see!

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