Chapter 4

‘Do not apologise Gisele,I’m so glad you did.You have been the first person to be brutally honest to ,people around these parts are too kind for there own good.I fear that they are masking their true colours in order to keep this stranger satisfied and feel that this is how Italian society truly is.I can see it through it all.You have been the first person to be brutally honest to me,oh I can see perfectly clear now.I admire your courage Gisele,you’ve overcome so much and lived to tell the tale?’
‘I have scars and bruises Lara that I carry from my past,but I’d hardly call myself that.Foolish maybe? As for brave far from it.’

On the return journey home,yes I forgot to mention previously.We were finally moving on with the time.As auto-mobile transfort has been of use for such a long time.But I’m stuck in my own traditions like Mama,not wanting to move on with the times.Forever living in the dark ages and I just didn’t give a jot.How I detested this new way of life,for I like to make a grande entrance via horse and carriage.I’m not Lady Antoinette’s daughter for nothing,she’s taught me well.I sighed a deep sigh,so that Lord Henry would pay me that much needed attention that I’d craved for all evening.
‘Is there something troubling you my love?’
‘Tis nothing.’
‘Oh my Lord,I do not see why you insisted on getting this heap of junk?’
‘It’s all the rage.’
‘I do not care,if it’s all the rage or not.How I miss and long to embrace the good old days.’
‘You’re not normally nostalgic?’
‘I am on this matter,for I am devastated…I guess the journey seemed to last an age.’
‘So what’s the problem then?’
‘It’s not the same travelling by car? Travelling by horse,I sometimes dreamt that I were royalty.’
‘You certainly take after your Mother?’
‘Automobiles,don’t seem to have the same appeal?’
‘I’m not backing down on this matter,for once I know best.’
‘For once will you allow me to finish?’
‘You’re so beautiful,but please..you’d like what I have to say? When are we become married…’
‘That’s a big if,for our ties have so many complications.’
‘…you always manage to squeeze the goodness out of everything.When are we to be married? You can travel by horse and carriage if you so prefer?’
‘Could you my darling?’
‘If my Lady’s happy then I don’t see why not?’
‘I should like that very much.’
‘Why the sad face?’
‘Oh Ben,how I yearn to see my sister’s again?’
‘You know of my feelings are on this matter?’
‘To see how happy I am to witness our joyious reunion? Think how happy you’ll make me if you’ll allow this to happen?’
‘It’s their loss Gisele?’
‘No,you don’t understand always jumping to the wrong conclusions?’
‘Sometimes I am right going with my own gut instinct?’
‘My sister’s only cut the cord because they were merely following and obeying orders from Mama.For Mari and Letty have always been the perfect girls that I could never live up to.Ever the doting daughters doing everything by the book.’
‘Being married for ever so long and still living in fear of their Mama?’
‘Sadly yes Ben,that’s the way it’s always been.It’s not of their own free will? Don’t you see?’
‘That Lord Theodore is quite a dull chap.”Stop changing the subject.’
‘I’m making a simple observantion,you seem a little tense my love? He barely said a word?’
‘Probably because he was fighting with the Count and couldn’t get a word in edgeways?’
‘You can be quite sarcastic when you’re tired? You know I admire that trait in a woman?’
‘And do not get me started about pompous prat Tristan.I…’
‘That’s Lord Tristan to you?’ corrected Lord Henry.
‘That man does not deserve to be addressed by his full name.I bet you two got on like a house on fire?’
‘So it’s ok for you to be on first term names with him?’
‘He reccommended there is a charming house called Peonia rosa Estate,peony rose to you…full of characting and charming beyond words.By the sounds of it,it’s everything that we’ve been longing for?’
‘You’ve been telling all of my hopes,dreams and ambitions…I can not believe you would confide in a total stranger?’
‘Are you mad at me Lady Rickman?’
‘Not mad,just disappointed that’s all.’
‘You won’t even take my word for it?’
‘I won’t believe it Lord Henry,until I see it for myself.’
‘Gisele Rickman.Ever the doubter?’
‘No Ben,I’m upset that I wasn’t a part of your discussion.After being painfully involved in New Dawn Estate,to go from this to be left out in the cold is almost an insult to my kind and sweet nature…It’s too much handle right now.’
‘Please let’s not spoil our night.I heard that Lady Forster was singing your praises?’
‘Flattery will get you no where?’
‘All that I say is true….You can pout all you like Gisele,she said that you have quite an angelic voice?’
‘That’s sweet of her…I would hardly say that,but it was such a lovely feeling being back up their again.I haven’t forgotten you owe me Lord Henry,and you better make it worth my while? I wish you could have seen me Benjamin…I have never felt so alive.’
‘I’m sorry to have missed your moment of glory?’
‘It’s a moment never to be repeated again.I haven’t forgotten you owe me Lord Henry and you better make it worth my while? I still can not get over Sir Holmes little mind games? He’s trying to prevent Lara and I from becoming friends? Saying that I could be a danger to her? How childish and absurd is that?’
‘I would’nt say you’re a danger to people…some may say that you’re a few strokes off being a witch for misfortune has been the centre of your life for ever so long.If lightening strikes more than once? But not I,for I know the truth it’s tragedy what can not be prevented.Lucille died of a tragic accident.’
‘Through her own stupiditity.’
‘Your Papa died because his heart couldn’t take it any more.As for Carl,that was a twisted blow to the heart….something that you couldn’t control.For he chose to save he one last time,when he didn’t have to?’
‘And William,tell me of my son? Did my kindness kill him too?’
‘No,of course not.Your son was snatched away cruelly before his time.I fear you’ve made a lasting impression on Sir Holmes?’

A later while later,we were finally alone together in our bed chamber.He held me in his arms once more.I had the covers draped around me.I can not wait until we are married and he shall finally become mine.I broke the tension between us.
‘Maybe,we could go and see that house?’
‘We have nothing to lose,Earlier I was lashing out it wasn’t my intention to hurt you.I’m so sorry Ben.’
‘Thank you.’
He kissed my shoulder.
‘So did you arrange your fox hunting shoot with Lord Tristan?’
‘I decided that it wasn’t meant to be…the truth is I was asking him for my own amusement,merely pumping him for information about the house? I’ve learnt from the best.’ he laughed.
‘Gisele,you have that look upon your face? What are you plotting?’
‘Lord Henry,what where you to say if I wanted to return to London and marry with my family and friends surrounding me?’
‘Not this again?’
‘I’d say you’ve gone completely mad woman!’
‘I need my sister’s…to feel their warm embrace once more.’
‘Can you not see from my point of view? They threw you out into the cold!’
‘No we left out of own free will.Don’t you see? You may not need Ana and Arthur,but I need my sister’s surrounding me on my wedding day.Assisting me with my beautiful wedding gown,sharing my hopes and ambitions.Sipping on champagne,whilst exchanging stories of the day gone by.I miss it,I’m so used to having a house full of people…not rattling around an empty estate.That’s not even ours,with just the children and staff for company?’
‘I thought you liked Venice?’
‘I do,I’ve fallen in love with the City…but I feel it’s time that I aught to face up to my responsibilities and lay a few ghosts to rest?’
‘I admire your braveness my Lady.’
‘I wish people would stop patronising in saying that…braveness for what?’
‘You know my feelings of this matter,having no desire to return there…But you’re my fiancee’ and despite your madness? I shall support you in whatever decision you have to make?’
‘Thank you.’
He nuzzled my nose.
‘And I would like it if you made peace with your wife? Please for me?’
‘My love,do you have to spoil this tender moment?’
‘I think now’s the time for us both to face our demons.With you by my side I know that you can achieve this,you have stood by me so much Benjamin.It’s my way of paying you back?’
‘I can not bare the sight of her Gisele…Never mind staying in the same room as her?’
‘I know.’
‘Her forever questioning why I threw her over? Asking me why I chose you over her my wife? Did that ring mean anything to you at all Benjy? Analysing every little detail so she can understand why I failed her.Her pathetically weeping and wailing as I am brutally honest with her.Her calling you all of the names under the sun,whilst I’m expected to stand and take it because after all I walked out out on her in the first place.I’m sorry Gisele,I shall not allow it.’
‘Is that you putting your foot down Lord Henry?’
‘I shall say no move on this matter Lady Rickman…Or is my defying me?’
He pinned me down onto the bed,I had forgotten how strong he was.
‘I may Lord Henry.’
He kissed my lips.
‘Surrender or submit?’
‘You may kiss all me all you like Ben,but I’m not surrendering or submitting to your charm.There will be no white flag tonight.’ I teased him,two can play at this game Lord Henry?’

That night I dreamt a terrible dream,the day I first met Duke Matthew Casey,it felt ever so real.The dream sucking me into tragic world once more.I fear he’s going to rise from the underworld and snatch his bride his final act of revenge.

The moment had arrived,my destiny to be decided for.I had already been prepared by my Mama in what I aught to say.Mama was fixing my hair,I chose curls.
‘You know what to do child?’
‘Yes Mama.’
‘I’m being serious,do not let me down child.’
‘I hate it when you patronise me.’
‘Hold still…Smile sweetly Gis,allow him to fall in love with you and for heaven sake.Do not be brutally honest with him.That’s always been your downfall?’
‘I do not love him.’
‘Nonsense child,you will in time,love and adore him.As a wife aught to,look at your father and I….for heaven sake do not slouch.’
‘I’m seventeen,not a child.’
‘Stop acting like one…and why have you choose such a dress?’
‘What do you not like it Mama?’
‘No I do not go and change.’
‘You said go for the pure look Mama and I have.’
‘Don’t act so insilent child,there’s not enough time to go and change.
I was moved into the drawing room,Mama was forever fussing over me.Drumming my nails impatiently.Awaiting for the Duke’s arrival.I wasn’t trying to act smart in front of my Mama it was the truth that I had chose to wear my white gown to mock the Duke in thinking that I’m virginal and innocent.That’s Mari’s words,not mine.The Duke was ushered in,I stood up.
‘Gisele,may I introduce the Duke Matthew.’
I curtsied him. ‘It’s an honour to meet you?’ I lied.
The Duke bowed before me. ‘Likewise,Gisele may I say you look beautiful and I thank you for giving me the time of day?’
‘How you make me blush?’ I laugh.
‘I always said you were the fairest out of all the Delessops? For you light up dark heaven’s light?’
‘Ah Shakespeare?’
‘You know of his work?’
‘Know his work? She lives it,her nose is constantly stuck inside her plays.’
‘I prefer the troubled Tybalt,for her is terribly misunderstood.’
Lady Antoinette turned to leave. ‘Now remember what I said?’
‘Yes Mama,in order to seal the engagement I’m to win him over with my charm and wit.I remember.’
‘Good.’ She kissed my cheek,the Duke and I were alone together.
‘My Lady.’
‘Duke Casey.’
I soon transformed from attentive Lady into cold hearted and callice woman.
‘You’re looking ever so lovely.’
‘Let’s not go over old ground again my Lord,it is getting ever so tiresome.Let’s cut to the chase Duke.I refuse to keep up the pretense,the truth is I despise you…you make my stomach churn and skin crawl.I only agreed to this engagement to please her.’
‘I’d say the feelings mutual.’
‘How you hurt my feelings,how am I ever to sleep at night?’
‘You are young and beautiful,but I have the pick of the women in London.’
‘I bet you do? Mama merely twisted my arm,do not get any ideas that I will indeed fall in love with you? It’s your brother I’m in love with.’
‘How typical! Always ending up with my brother’s scrappy piece of meat.’
‘I’d hardly describe you as prized steak? Shall we get on with this and set a date for our wedding?’
‘I like your way of thinking,you will soon be mine…mind body and soul.’

I woke up with a piercing scream,Lord Henry placed his hand on me.I feared that it was Duke Matthew back from beyond the grave,and you had come to silence me once and for all.For keeping his brother’s deadly secret.
‘Get off me!’
I struggled to get away,I lashed out at him.
He calmed me down,started to whisper like he does with Esme,I’ve watched him soothe her so many times before. ‘Hush now my love,it’s me your Ben.’
He started to stroke my hair.
‘Did I hurt you?’
‘None of that matters now,you were dreaming again.’
‘Was I?’
I’ve been experiencing a few flash backs to the day I first met him.
‘Whatever’s brought all of this on?’
‘It’s nothing.’
‘Please don’t you dare lie to me?’
‘Ever since I was singing for the Countess,it brought back so many painful memories for me,about Carl.How I miss him so.’
‘Don’t start the crocodile tears with me.’
‘Excuse me?’
I sat up to face him.
‘It’s not that, have been tiptoeing around this for months.Unafraid to say something,to truly speak my mind.In case I upset you?’
‘You’d never upset me?’
‘Something deep insides,plagueing your inner thoughts? Eating away at your heart and soul?’
‘I know of something quite terrible…I can not find the words,as I initally thought I’d never have to ever speak of this.I’m scared you will no longer love me for being a part of this?’
‘You know I will always love you.What could be so terrible?’
‘Oh Benjamin you will truly resent me for keeping it from you.For all of this time,not even my husband knew of this?’
‘It’s your heart isn’t it? They say that was hereditory? If your dying I need to know the whole truth? I’m marrying you,in sickness and in health?’
‘You know I despise those vows?’
‘It’s been torturing you,I can imagine….it’s sweet of you to protect me,but we’ll fight through this.Find a cure…I’m not losing my beautiful feature wife,I’ve only just found you.No matter what it takes,with every breath of my body,I shall nurse you back to health.I’ve only just found you.’
‘I’m not dying my darling…it’s much worse.’
‘How can it much worse than dying.’
‘My heart is pounding,I know the true nature of Matthew’s death.Carl killed him.’
I can not believe it as those words left my mouth,I have shattered our whole future together with those three little,and yet life changing words.He will not want anything to do with me,he just look at me unable to move.
‘Darling,you can say something?’
‘Yes my love,you must hate me so?’
‘This is absurd Carl,he wouldn’t hurt a fly?’
‘Please look at me.’
‘I can not.’
‘He did it out of love for me.’
‘Gisele if you think that Matthew is speaking to you from beyond the grave then you’re wrong…it’s all of the stress you’ve endured? You’re sick?’
‘You have got me all wrong,you’re all ready to cart me off? I speak the truth.’
‘Are you saying that you were there on this fatal night? For one you haven’t a killer bone in your body?’
‘I know of this because he confessed it all.The time I stayed with him.He looked so scared,I swore never to speak of this vile deed.Vowed to take it to my grave,when I die the worms shall feast upon my flesh for I truly deserve this.I let him down….He had a rock in the palm of his hand,why am I shaking I never commited the murder,full of fear that Matthew was going to kill him,he chose his love for me rather than staying loyal to his brother.He hit him over the head,one deadly blow,no one saw him.He took the body and dragged into the woods and left him in the dead of night.You’ve got to believe me Ben,it’s all true.They found nothing on him as Matthew drank heavily towards the end.That’s why I opted never to come clean.I have blood upon my hands.’

The next day,after my deadly confession to my poor unsuspecting fiance’.I packed my bag,and decided to return to London with my two girls.I love Lord Henry so much that it’s aching me…I can not believe I am about to break the love of my lifes heart.But I couldn’t take any chances living on the knife edge.Forever wondering if Lord Henry would leave me or throw me out.If only I could turn back the hands of time,and not told him of my deep dark secret and things would be as we were before.Planning our wedding,looking forward to the future the prospect of children coming into the equation.But I refused to start our future built upon a lie.Lord Henry may turn against me and leave me.I shall save him the pain and endurance,with baited breath and I shall prepare myself for the worst case scenario.
Return to the never ending ‘I told you so’s.’ and ‘Gisele,you’ve caused all of this pain and heartache? And for what? To return to London,I took my girls by the hand,and glanced back at what I was about to leave behind.
The world I’ve grown to cherish know and love.I can believe both brother’s were dead and I still felt involved.My mind can not rest,I’m such a restless soul,forever running.Murder is such a wicked game and I had my part to play.I bet Lord Henry is full of regrets,leaving his wife for a killer’s accomplice?
‘It was nice while it lasted?’
I slowly headed for the door.
‘Going somewhere?’
He looked so beautifully and so rugged,I could tell that he had hardly slept a wink and neither did I.His hair was all ruffled,could I detect a few shadows under his eyes.I could feel the tension between us,no matter how much I care for him,I’ve got to fight my inner feelings.Yes I do love him,but leaving would be my way of saving him.Yes I am not worthy of his love,I’m nothing but trouble.He can get back to Louisa if he so wishes.I can not bare to kill him,he could be poisoned if Earl Merrells returned.As he always seems to hurt the one’s that I truly love.I should have learnt my lesson,never grow close or attached to anyone as those I love always leave me in the end.I could not bare to lose Benjamin,that would be the death of me.I’ve got to get my girls out of this unhealthy environment.Benjamin and I both have fiery personalities and I’m terrified that our relationship is going to turn to violence.There were so many times Jack tried to kill me,he once threw me down the stairs when I was carrying Es in my arms,the weight of my body protected her.I suffered broken ribs and hurt my arm,all to protect my little girl.He once burnt me on the fire,how I managed to stay there for all of this time sends shivers down my spine.
‘Planning on running again?’
‘You can not stop me Benjamin.’
‘Please hear me out?’
‘I think I said everything last night? I’ve no no more words left to say…’
‘I can not get my head around it all?’
‘Try living with it,preying on your mind for the past year?’
‘I’m looking for answers?’
‘I told everything last night,what are you trying to do to me?’
‘Carl? I just can’t believe it.’
‘Well neither could I…I was hysterical when I found out.’
‘He felt guilty after that incident when he killed that mouse? You said so yourself?’
‘Only because Esme gave it a name,we had to have a burial for it.Theo I think or was it Daisy? I can not recall such a blur,I chose to ran because I didn’t think you’d stand the thought of your fiancee concealing a secret as big as this from you? I thought the best thing to do was run away.’
‘How do you think I felt when I woke up to an empty bed,I was thinking all kinds of things? I thought you’d taken you’re life with those sleeping pills…worse still you’d walked to the lake and drowned yourself? Leaving Es and Ava as orphans.The very prospect of losing the one that I truly loved.It must have taken real courage to admit that to you me last night? I’m very proud of you?’
‘I kept a killer’s secret,I kept you at arms length.Withheld important evidence when I should have come forward?’
‘You did that to protect your friend…my darling when you agreed to marrying me? Part of the deal was to tell each other everything? We all have our faults,I’m far from perfect.’
‘To me your sheer perfection my Lord.’
‘Our imperfections only make us what we are today.Makes us stronger,to see Esme and Ava growing into beautiful little angels.They mirror their stunning Mama so perfectly,looking at you with them…it makes me long for a child of our own?’
‘You’re willing to take me back?’
‘My Lady,for better or for worse,I’m never leaving you?’
‘Never ever?’
‘Raise your eyebrows all you like,if that means returning to London and facing your family then so be it?’
‘I love you.’
‘I made a hash of my first marriage…I’m not prepared to make the same mistake again.Open and honesty from now on please Lady Rickman?’
‘You have my word Lord Henry.

I thought that I would put my mind at rest and write a letter,not to Mama I havent had the courage to since what happend before.I shall write to Mari,for she is the voice of reason out of the Delessops,as Letitia would act all judgemental,Evangaline is awfully sweet but she’d say to follow my heart and Holly she would just ask if there are any handsome gentlemen in Italy? And if possible could I arrange a meeting with them.I can reassure Mari that,I’m perfectly happy.

I’m ever so sorry that I haven’t written to you.
I have my reasons,those of which I shall not bore
you with?
Is suspect Mama is talking of me? Stupid question
I very much doubt it.
It’s strange how we used to be so close,and yet I am
struggling to find the perfect words I’d like to say
to you.
I shall tell you of my reasons.I’m writing to make peace
with you,as I feel that I have spoken about a long time
All is that I’m sorry for the way things have turned out
between us? I’ve always felt the closest to you and I
can never forgive myself for betraying your love
and trust.
I had to shy away my feelings towards Lord Henry,and
not tell a soul.
For I swallowed my pride and told everyone,then we
would have been over before we started.
You must have realised that I didn’t love Oliver
towards the end…I only stayed with him for the
sake of Es and Ava.
They miss their Aunt Mari so much,I can see little
traits of Lucille in Ava she’s so sure of herself.
Life in Italy is so different,the fashion is some
what sophisticated compared to the boutiques
we have in London town.
I have so much to tell you,Lara Forster once
a stranger in my midst.Is Sir Holmes latest
Yes you heard it right,my former lover Declan
He’s to marry a beautiful and may I say very
young and over confident American.
You’ll be pleased to learn,that I no longer
have feelings for him.I’m finally looking
I have some news,I am planning to marry
Lord Henry,my dream against his whole
wishes is to marry in London.
Things are complicated though as we are
still married.I’m going to make
correspondence with Lord Rickman to ask
for seperation.
Yes,you heard it right.I may have lied and
deceived you.I’m ready to make everything
right again.
This I promise you,I shall get the Delessop
Dynasty together again.
I love and miss you.
Gisele x

I was ready to compose myself in order to write a letter to my former husband.But Benjamin’s words were running around my head like words to a song.I know it’s not his devine right to order me around,but I can see from his point of view.I have nothin to prove to him and so I left my parchment on the desk and decided to join Benjamin and the girls for afternoon tea in the garden.

After our much needed time in the garden,it was much needed time together.Esme and Ava were playing with their kite that Benjamin had purchased for them that very day.After we had our afternoon tea, and Benjamin unsuccessfully crashing the kite into the tree.We decided that we would take a look at the estate the pompous Lord Theodore was talking about,and I was ever so pleased that Benjamin was never to see him again was that purely for my benefit? Or was he telling the truth that he was using him to see this place.’
‘Ah here we are Peonia rosa.’
‘It’s so beautiful judging from the outside.Looks full of character?’
He took hold of my hand.
‘Shall we?’
First of all we took a tour of the grounds,it looked so vast it had it own stables out the back and so much room for the children to play in.I was lost for words,just like the day I was introduced by Tom to Serenity Estate.Lord Henry bent forward and picked a white rose.
‘Why thank you Lord Henry?’
‘A single white rose,to symbolise my beautiful Fiancee’s pure innocence and youthfulness.’
‘I beg to differ,black rose is far more suited full of death and farewell.’
‘Or shall I say the burgundy rose?’
‘That’s my all time favourite.’
‘Full of unconscious beauty such as yourself?’
I looked at the landscape.
‘I’m so overwhelmed,its so breathtaking.’
‘Come I want to show you something.’
‘All right.’
We climbed quite high up,what is his game? He stopped took a deep breathe.
‘Master of all he surveys?’
‘It’s a better view from you,you could sit here and watch the children play with Skye and ride Quinn.We will get them back Gisele.’
‘I hope you’re right?’
‘And you can live out your dream of doing those water colour paintings?’
I had almost forgotten about that,Lord Henry I discussed this on one of our stolen moments together.

I was laying in Benjamin’s arms.Determined to grab every possible second I could with my lover.
‘Oliver is suffocating me?’
‘You should have said something the day of my wedding?’
‘I tried…’
‘No you made yourself look like a jealous woman?’
‘That’s not true you know it isn’t?’
‘Must we always row,we barely have time together?’
‘I’m sorry,I’m just so tense.’
Lord Henry started to massage my shoulders.
‘That’s just the spot there.’
‘Darling,tell me if you had one thing that you’d like to accomplish what would it be?’
‘I can not tell you for you shall laugh?’
‘Try me?’
‘I’ve always wanted to do water colour painting,though I do not have the time…and Oliver will not allow it.’
‘What he won’t know won’t harm him? Gisele you need to chase your dreams…I have a confession to make a stumbled across some work of yours? Monet?’
‘That wasn’t meant to see the light of day.’
‘You have captured the essence of the piece.Is their an end to your talent?’
‘Oh you know I’m a Courtesan in disguise?’
‘The french courtesan,and her lover think of the scandal?’

I blushed a little,at the memory of what we we were about to do.He was so sweet that day.
‘I’m not that good,for it’s merely a hobby of mine.’
‘Nonsense remember that copy of monet’s water lilies you created?’
‘You remember?’
‘How could I not forget? Upon the canvas on lookers thought it was the real deal.The likeness of Claud Monet’s masterpiece…you could have sold it and made a fortune?’
‘I’m sorry but that would have been sacrilege copying his work…Dishonesty is not my style?’
‘Oh I beg to differ?’
‘Dishonesty is no longer my style any more.’I corrected myself.
‘Come on girls,your father and I would like to show you around?…I’m sorry it was a slip of the tongue.’
‘It’s all right my love…I think it’s sweet of you to say that.’
He kissed my lips.Esme and Ava looked at me.
‘Whatever is it Es?’
‘Can Misty and Quinn live here?’
‘And Skye.’ butted in Ava.
‘Of course they can my angels…when your Mama gets them back from London,then yes they will.’
We then toured the house,we first walked into the main entrance,it’s spacious enough I guess though we will not see it all of the time.I walked into the ballroom next,it had a beautiful chandelier in the centre.The architecture was bland compared to the Count and Countess’s,I felt a little let down.
‘We shall get Tom to spruce it up.’
‘That’s if he talking to me?’ I sighed.
‘He will,he loves and adores you.’
‘We could host our own masquerade balls,oh we would be the envy of Italy.’
We toured the room which could transform into a nursery.
‘We could raise six or seven children here?’
‘Speak for yourself…and I don’t think Nancy would be capable of managing such a brood? Ava and Es could place their rocking horse there.We could buy them a dolls house,it would be so wonderful Benjamin.’
I danced around the room.We later saw our bedroom,he gave me that knowing look.
‘Do you like it?’
‘It’s exceeded all of my expectations…I’ve fallen in love.’
Lord Henry took me by the waist.
‘Does that mean what I think you’re saying?’
‘Peonia rosa,is everything I’ve imagined,I can finally picture myself happy and settled here and I can finally share it with the man that I truly love.’


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