Chapter 4

A little while later,we were gathered in the drawing room.Louisa was playing the piano,Holly and
Evangaline were dancing around the room.I picked Esme up. ‘Would Es like a dance?’
She shook her head. ‘Are we going all shy?’
She started to cry Oliver walked over. ‘Should I take her upstairs?’
‘Oh could you darling,I think she’s overwhelmed by everything.’
I passed Esme over to Oliver,he kissed me on the cheek.
‘I won’t be long.’
I nodded my head and smiled.I looked on as Oliver cradled little Esme in his arms,and carried her upstairs.
It was such a perfect gathering,all that was missing was Papa,and Lucille.I sighed.
‘Are you thinking of them too?’ asked Marianna.
‘It’s not that I never thought of them whilst I was away.But being back here,I never thought it would be this hard,emotional wise I mean…I mean after losing Cossack.’
‘Oh I’m so sorry,I feel like such a bad sister,after all of this small talk?’
‘Don’t be so hard on yourself,we all know that things don’t last forever…Oliver he was with me,refusing to leave my side,she slipped away peacefully in the end…what this has taught me is you have one shot in life,and I intend to live my every single breathing moment as if it’s my last.’
I decided that I would take a stroll in the grounds,recapture some of the good memories that I had here.I sat down upon my childhood string.
‘I thought I might find you here?’
‘Have you been crying?’
‘Yes,but I’m not sad…I’m remonising that’s all,to think I spent all of my childhood here.Daniel,Marianna,Letitia and I used to play hide and seek out here,the ground are so vast.I could jjust lose myself out here.’
‘And I always got the impression that you were more of an indoor girl,your fond of reading and playing the piano?”How you underestimate your wife,give me beautiful wide green pastures,over a piano recital.’
‘Is this you really talking?’
‘I miss my freedom Olly,I miss Cossack so much.’
‘Maybe in time you might consider getting another horse?’
‘I’m not ready Olly.’
‘In time you will my love.’ I nuzzled his arm.
‘You are so sweet.’ I smiled.
‘Like the talk of other children,I don’t want to rush you into anything.I know I might be moving too fast,but I love you so much Gisele.I long to have more children,you know make up for missing out the first time round.I can’t believe I missed out on our little girls first moments in life.I will never get that back again.But I promise you sweet pea,I shall be by your side every step of the way.’
‘Even mopping my brow,the blood everything,it’s not a pretty sight Olly,believe me I’ve been there.But all of that disappears when you hold them in your arms for the very first time,such a magicial feeling.’
Oliver put his finger to my lips.I felt something deep inside,that I never felt before,so powerful.I looked at Oliver,I nodded my head.
‘Don’t unless you mean it.’
I led him upstairs,he kissed me so tenderly.
‘You’re trembling?’
‘I’m so sorry,I just can’t help it Oliver.’
I took a deep breath.’I’m ready.’
He picked me up in his arms,and I just got lost in everything,all of my worries disappeared,just one kiss and we reconnected again,I no longer feel afraid to love again.
Moments passed by,I looked at Oliver.
‘That was different? But in a nice way.’ I quickly changed the subject.’The others will be wondering were I’ve got to.’
‘Let them wait a little longer.’
‘My heart is beating so fast,I’m so sorry.I…’
‘Don’t apologise.’smiled Oliver.
‘I just wish that I could go back to feeling like the girl I used to be.’
‘We will get there,I promise you this….Stay a little longer.’
‘Why do I always taste this bittersweet memory?’
‘Declan again?’
‘Ever since I saw him it’s just…’
‘You want him? You have been with me,and thought only of him? I can see it in your eyes?’
‘No darling,Ignore me.I’m so sorry for putting doubt into your head again.I love you.’I kissed him.
I just wish that I could just pause this moment forever.I sighed.
‘Whatever is it?’
I started to get changed.
‘The children,they need us.’
‘No you stay there.I’ll take care of them.’
I watched him leave my side,I hated being parted from him.Like Juliet felt when being parted from Romeo,after he’d been banished.I felt like I banished Oliver,I pushed him away again.I used the excuse of Esme and Ava,to avoid an arguement.But it’s true we have to face facts,we’re no longer children anymore,like it was at the beginning.We have to face up to our responsibilities,especially after Oliver suggested having another child.
I decided that I would write to Sophia again and also to Tom let them know of my whereabouts.I just don’t understand why Sophia hadn’t contacted me.

Dear Sophia,
I just wondered why you have haven’t replied to my letter?
I’m starting to question if you have received it? So much has happend since I last wrote to you,I finally know Sophia’s sordid little secret.She has been seeing Sir Holmes for months.I mean can you believe it?
I can’t believe I bought into her little girl lost act.I pitied her,she played me for a fool.I thought that Louisa and I were close how long was I?
I saw it for myself,Louisa and Sir Holmes together plain as day,kissing passionately in the corner.Ok I shall rewind about I missed out the vital detail I saw them in Versailles,he happend to be at a Masquarade ball that we were attending.
Any way after all of the heartache,she threw him over just like that.I mean could you believe it? I shall tell you all in detail as I’m in London at the minute,I’m currently visiting my family.I hope that you are all well.I hope to see you soon.
Love Gisele.

My darling Tom,
I hope that you and Reinette as still blissfully happy.France is such a different world to London,so peaceful beautiful scenery and less busy.I love it,only downside is that I don’t get to see you as much as I should like to.
Tom you have missed out on so much,you never guess what Oliver’s perfect little sister has gone and done now.Oh yes little Miss Snow White,so she’d like to think she is.She has committed such a sin that only I thought that I thought that I was capable of.
Oh she is clever,she has been hiding a serious relationship.I never thought my sister-in-law could be so devious? She said that she was having a relationship with our Carl.
I was shocked at first,but I started to come to terms with it.It was about time he had moved on and found someone.So I was happy for him,she said that Carl was coming over for a dinner so I had prepared myself to talk to Oliver,I had even got him onto agreeing that this could be a good thing for his sister,and we both wanted her happiness.As that’s all that mattered to us.
Well to cut a long story short,Louisa led us to believe that her beloved had cancelled on her.I was so awful,I called Carl everything that you could possibly think of.Looking back now I feel so ashamed.I felt sorry for her,so off we went to Versailles,she had longed to go for Versailles masquarade.Anyway whilst we were there,at a Lord Benjamin Henry’s Estate who should I find her in the arms of my former lover Sir Holmes.
I can you believe her?
I’m in London at the moment,staying at my Mama’s house.I do hope to see you and Reinette there.
With love
Your friend G.

I left it a good ten minutes until I followed Oliver,I looked in the mirror and made sure that I looked presentable,I noticed the odd wrinkle,youth is finally leaving,the stress of the past few years is finally taking it’s toll.Holly saw me on the stairway.
‘Where have you been?’
‘I had a slight fever,I needed to lie down.’
‘Funny,Oliver said the same thing?’
I cleared my throat.’Why did you miss me?’
‘You’ve got a visitor?’
‘My,aren’t I popular? Only been back for five minutes and…’
‘It’s Sophia.’
‘We have made the library free,so you could talk in there?’
‘How very generous of you? ‘I sighed.
I made my way into library,Sophia with her back facing me.She turned slowly towards me,her face looked forelorn.’Hello Gisele?’
‘Sophia,it’s so lovely to see you.’
I went to embrace her,she held her hand up and slowly backed away from me,it’s not like her to give me the cold shoulder?
‘What is it?’
‘Did Lady Rickman get a little above her station since she left for Paris?’
‘You’ve lost me?’
‘Let me rephrase the question,are we simpletons in London,not good enough to circulate with the parisian elite?’
‘Sophia,I don’t know what you are talking about?
She shook her head in disbelief. ‘I responded to your letter….I guess you discovered the truth,didn’t like what you hear? So you thought,oh I know I’d cut your dear friend out of your life for good? Don’t tell me you’ve already found a replacement,a beautiful parisian lady to share tea and conversation with? Do you know what Gisele,I don’t need you.I thought that our friendship meant more to you? How wrong was I? Goodbye Gisele.
Sophia goes to leave.
She turned to face me.’I’m waiting?’
‘What letter?’
‘Oh come on,don’t act all innocent with me Gisele?’
‘No.I’m being serious,on Ava and Esme’s life.I did not receive any letter.’
‘That explains everything.’
Sophia sat down. ‘I thought that you hated me?’
‘Sophia,you’re my best friend, you and I we have been through so much together.How could I possibly hate you?’
‘I thought that you would resent me for revealing the truth about Declan and Louisa? That you still held a candle to his heart?’
‘You must have sent it after….’I started to laugh. ‘Oh honestly we’re a right pair? I went to Versailles.’
‘That explains everything.’
‘I uncovered the truth of Louisa and Sir Holmes myself.I witnessed it all unfold with my own eyes Sophia.It was so humiliating.’
‘Carl is in Italy,I mentioned that in my letter,so it couldn’t possibly be him?’
‘I can not believe I was so beastly about Carl,she led me into thinking that he had let her down.I feel like such a fool that I had bought into her little girl lost routine.’
Oh Gisele… it must have been so trying for you? Seeing the love of your life again in the arms of another woman?’
‘It was as though someone had removed my heart and soul.Sophia it was awful,last time I saw him….’
‘You really don’t have to do this.’
‘I shattered his whole illusions marriage, and finally being together.’
‘Is Oliver aware of this?
‘No,and it’s to stay that way.’
‘You can’t keep a secret as big as this from your husband.’
‘There is nothing to tell,Declan was my tainted love,that is all it burns down to.Oliver and I have finally managed to build a foundation of trust.If he knew what I said to you,that would be the end of us Sophia.Oliver is longing for a son,and it’s my duty as a wife to provide him with one.’
‘Are you sure that is what you want?’
‘I’m so happy Sophia.’
‘Do you really mean those words?’
‘Well I shall carry this secret to my grave.’
‘You’re such a true friend,I’ve missed you.’
Sophia embraced me,tears rolled down my cheeks.
‘I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there for you,losing Cossack you must be in pieces?’
‘Oh it’s killing me Soph,I have to keep a brave face for my sake of the children? It broke my heart when Ava asked where her unicorn had disappeared to?’
‘You never believe after all of the trouble that’s been brewing,Louisa threw Declan over.She is involved with a Lord Benjamin Henry.’
‘I’ve heard of his reputation,quite a charming gentleman…’
‘I thought so too…’
‘Don’t tell me that you have fallen for Lord Benjamin’s charm?’
‘Oh please,that was the old Gisele.I’m a changed woman.’
‘I believe you.’
‘But tell me,what I can’t get my head around,is did she do that just to keep the peace with Oliver and I?’
‘That could be it.’
‘I mean you can not possibly tell me that she’s stopped loving him? I mean to enter into an arranged marriage.’
‘Lord Benjamin could be the making of her.’
But is it the right decision for her I mean,it causes more heartache and damage than it’s worth….believe me,I’ve been there.’
‘If it doesn’t work out,she’s young she will recover from this.Have some faith Gisele.’
‘How is Nicole?’
‘A joy as always.’ smiled Sophia.
‘Any chance of having other children?’
Sophia looked upset.’I’m so sorry Gisele,I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry.I can’t have any more children.’
‘I’m so sorry Sophia.’
‘I look to Nicole and see her as our miracle,we would have liked another brother or sister for Nicole.But she is our all we need in our little life.’
‘How long have you known?’
‘A while.’
‘Why didn’t you come and tell me?’
‘You had just been stabbed by Jack,I didn’t want to be a burden to you.’
‘Sophia,your my best friend.You’d never been a burden to me.’
‘I can’t believe I’m never going to be a mother again.’
‘We could have gone through this together,I wish I could have been there to hold your hand.I’m so sorry.’
‘What are you sorry for?’
‘I have been so wrapped up in Oliver and the children,I feel like I’d abandoned you.’
‘I would never think that.’Oh my darling….’
Oliver walked into the room.Sophia stood up.
‘Darling,I’m sorry but your Mama grows impatient.’
‘Must you go?’
‘I’ve got to.’
‘You will come again soon?’
‘Try and stop me.Goodbye.’ Sophia kissed me on the cheek.’
‘Farewell Sophia.’
Oliver and I were alone.
‘I’m so sorry.I hope that Sophia thought I wasn’t….’
‘No she will understand….
‘Did you have a lot to discuss?’
‘Yes we had a much needed heart to heart.I feel like I’ve abandoned her.I know that you will keep this to yourself.But she told me that she’s unable to have any children.I feel so awful when I told her that you and I were….It must have broke her heart.
‘You weren’t to know.’
‘I have been so wrapped up in france,in us.I never even asked to see if she was really ok.
Oliver took hold of my hand.’That’s why I love about you.’
‘I have been so selfish laterly.’
‘You haven’t a selfish bone in your body.That is one of the reasons why I love you so.’
I took a deep breath,time to confront what I said before about Declan.I just coudn’t keep it to myself any longer.It must be killing him to think that I was thinking of him when I was with him.It just came out wrong.
‘Darling about before what I said about Declan? I…’
‘Can I just stop you right there,I think that I should be me that should be apologising.I overreacted,when you spoke of Declan,the flashbacks start,I couldn’t help but think of our last conversations,the hurt the bitterness.Words full of hate and regret,you standing there with your bags packed.You were so scared,clutching Declan’s hand for dear life.Summoning up the courage to say that you were going to leave me…..How I envied him,for a split seconds I want to trade places with him,I let you slip through my fingers so easily….’
‘My darling,when I left I didn’t think you truly cared,you let me slip away,you never gave up a strong fight for me.’
‘Of course I cared,it was the end of the world.But I was too afraid to swallow my pride.’
‘I tried to vain to get out,escape our wedding day.We ate the food,drank the wine,everyone around us was having a good time.Not I,I was drowning in sorrow.I should never have gone through with it….not really,feeling waves of regret.I was intoxicated by the touch of Sir Holmes,longing for just one moments delight with him.Just one night of….Now I feel now is my heart full of joy love and gladness.That night you took me in your arms,Oliver…I wasn’t pretending,I wanted to be with you….No matter what people say,I will resist temptation.I’m never going to walk away,because how can I forget you,because of Esme and Ava I’m loving you any way.It’s the way you make me feel.’
‘Did you and Sophia have a disagreement? I heard raised voices?’
‘It was a misunderstanding,everything is resolved now.’
‘Oh good,because darling don’t be mad.But Lady Isabelle has invited us to a gathering of some sort?’
I rolled my eyeballs.
‘Couldn’t you have got more details? A gathering of some sort? Oh please.’
‘I know how you feel about her?’
‘I despise her,she looks down at me,like I’m something she trod in,the vermin thatwas stumbled across in our precious kitchen.’
‘I’m sure you will have the upper hand,last time I do recall you have a show down with her on your last encounter?’
‘That was all a long time ago.’
‘Don’t worry I’m sure she will keep her cards carefully close to her chest.’
‘How do you mean?’
‘She’s invited the mighty Lady Antoinette.’
‘That’s all I need.’
‘On the contrary,she will go out of her way to please.Your Mama after all she is the elite of society.’
‘She’d like to think so,when are we going? Tomorrow?’
‘An hour’s time.’
‘An hour? It will not do,I mean look at me?’
‘Don’t panic.’
‘I’m not,I’m terrified of that woman.’
‘What do you keep telling me? Us Delessops are strong?’
‘That’s a lie.’
‘Stiff upper lip.’
‘That may be? But how can I be brave? When I’m afraid to fall.Oh she will find a way of humiliating me….I’ll say I’m too busy.’
‘Stop filling your head with doubt,for one your Mama will not stand for you turning down such an invitation.’
I shrugged my shoulders.’Do I have a choice?’
‘Now go on.’
I tried to walk away.He called me back.
‘Remember what I said to you in Versailles? You’re worth a thousand of those women in the palace courts.Your Lady Gisele Rickman,of course you’re beautiful because you’re married to me.’
‘And they say romance is dead?’ I laughed.
I walked away and made my way upstairs,I hadn’t had time to unpack,so much has happened since our arrival.I normally didn’t let a surprise invitation faze me.In Marseilles I thrived on it,to them I was strangers.I could pretend to be anyone and I wouldn’t be judged.This is Lady Isabelle,I can’t pretend in front of her.I’m shaking at the thought of facing her again.What if Earl Merrells is there again? I mean Lady Isabelle isn’t aware of that fateful night.Oliver and I asked our family to remain silent on the matter.If that was the case,how did Earl Merrells discover the grisly truth? My mind is going into overdrive.No I am not going to let her beat me,it was like something clicked.Ok Gisele,for once in your life you are going to be assertive if Lady Antoinette thinks about disrespecting my character or my family in public.She’ll be sorry.This is Lady Rickman she’s dealing with,strong intelligent and full of life,not shy and pathetic little wall flower Lady Delessop.

I walked down the stairs,Oliver met me at the bottom.One look of his,took my breathe away.It confirmed that I shouldn’t be afraid again.I decided that I would go for the rouge coloured dress,it was so beautiful covered in encrusted jewels.He kissed my hand.
‘My Lady.’
‘My Lord.’
‘Interesting choice of colour?’
‘Well I have to live up to my name ‘the she devil in rouge.’
‘You can’t be serious?’
I laughed. ‘Oh darling,you don’t have to protect me.I know what they have been calling me.’
‘You look beautiful.’
‘Ok.I can do this,if she thinks of crossing me then she’ll be sorry.What?’
‘There,that’s the feisty Gisele that I know and adore.Where has she been hiding?’
From now on Oliver,it’s no more little miss sugar and spice,who will hide behind her husband.Ok I will act the dutiful wife,behind the scenes.Speak and nodd, in the correct places.Hold myself correctly,act all prim and proper.So that you can be proud of me.’
‘You have nothing to prove to me.’
‘I shall act as a lady should do,but I refuse to follow the crowd,this lady is no puppet.’

Memories were rushing inside of my head,as I bravely walked up the steps to Lady Isabelle’s estate.There isn’t enough words to describe how much I detest this woman.Her estate shall forever remain full of darkness,the light just longing to get in.Over grown trees protecting the wicked witches fortress.
I’m no longer afraid of her,yes I was the fallen temptress,the last time we met.This time it’s going to be different.It’s like the stuff of nightmares,Lady Isabelle is like the dragon that the prince slays in the fairytales.Oliver held onto my hand for dear life,I felt a headache coming on,but I managed to conceal it from my husband.He was giving instructions of decorum to Louisa.
‘Smile and only speak when spoken to.”
‘Yes Oliver.’
‘Don’t slouch when at the dinner table.’
‘Only speak when spoken to.’
‘Yes Oliver.’
‘Please do not mention Sir Holmes name,unless the subject is addressed.’
‘Yes I know Oliver.’
‘And for heaven sakes Louisa,please smile it won’t harm you.’
‘I’m not a baby.’
‘You have a lot of making up to do.’
‘Don’t be too hard on her.’ I whispered to Oliver.
‘If she behaves like a child,then she will be treat like a child,no sister of mine is going to show me up.’
Holly and Evangaline were following closely behind practicing their curtsies,I turned around and tried my best not to giggle.
‘Yes my Lady,we play croquet on the lawn,once a week,and drink tea in the gardens.’
‘Oh I hope my petticoat isn’t creased.’ giggled Holly.
‘I’m so frightfully excited,I wonder what she’s like?’
‘Gisele said she’s a monster,but I can’t believe such a thing.’
‘Maybe she’s jealous and plotting to kill her?’
‘Girls! What utter nonsense!’ sighed Lady Antoinette.
‘Now,when you go in.I want you all to address her as your ladyship,don’t give eye contact unless you are spoken to,and don’t in any speak of you Gisele’s past history,it’s in the past and it should be remained hidden.As Lady Isabelle she’ll only be looking for trouble,and at the dinner table,for heavens sake girls.Don’t start flicking peas at one another!’
‘Aw,that is why we don’t get invited to places very often.’giggled Holly.
I gave eye contact to Oliver.’I think I shall enjoy this visit.’
‘There’s never a dull moment were Evangaline and Holly is concerned….You shouldn’t laugh Olly.’
‘Flicking peas?’
‘Oh,it was at a dinner party that my Aunt,Lady Grace had held.This had taken place before you and I we’re together.There was all sorts before of important people there,but when there nervous,they can get the fit of giggles.’
‘Now I know who they get that from?’
‘I’m sorry?’
‘You can’t deny what you can be like….’
‘This isn’t about my behaviour Oliver,anyway you’re diverting from the story.’
‘Oh how they can act extremely childlike.There was one occasion,I recall Evan was six,and she put a frog down an unexpected ladies dress….quite the scandal.’
‘Now who’s diverting from the story….The pea flicking?’
‘Sorry,well they grew rather tired,tired and extremely bored of a story that a Lord who had his eye on little Lucille,god rest her soul.The story was in full flow,at first it was the odd kicking legs under the leg trick,the occasional sigh and twisting of the curl routine.’
‘Inherited one of your tricks I see….twisting of the curl?’
‘That’s when I want your attention?’
‘When that plan didn’t,they started flicking peas,one landed in the bosom of a lady,she started flapping around and screaming like a banchee….Much to the girls entertainment,Mama wasn’t best pleased.At first we all thought it was a wasp flying down her dress.She knocked over a poor unsuspecting maid servant,who was passing by carrying a gravy boat at the time….complete carnage,everything was in chaos….You had to be there darling.’I touched him on the shoulder.
‘And what had happend to the Lord,that was trying to woo Lucille?’
‘Let’s put it this way,to our relief there wasn’t a spring wedding.’
‘You’ve lost me?’
‘It came out later on,that his plan was to propose to her that very evening,Mama was in turmoil for weeks.’
We stepped inside Whistleberry estate once again,it was such a reception,I don’t see what all of the fuss was about on attending,we wouldn’t be missed.
Endless nobody’s sipping champagne,and eating canapes,engrossedd in meaningless small talk.Locked inside their strange little worlds,exchanging stories,probably at my expence.Oh look who is this stain? The whore who causes self-destruction.Oh watch out gentlemen.Keep away from her,she will steal your heart and take you out in the process.
The one who had abandoned her husband.I had heard many different tales circulating London.Oh she walked out on him,because she refused to give him a child,or she ran off because he simply didn’t love her.I felt the room start to spin,the walls closing in around me.I started to panic.
‘I can not breathe.’
‘I’m here.’
‘There talking about me?’
‘Don’t be absurd Gisele.’
‘They are,I can feel their stare,full of pity.’
‘Keep your held high.’
‘It’s easy for you to say you’re the victim in the piece.’
‘I think paranoia,is getting the better of you Gisele?’
A maid servant passed us a goblet of champagne,Oliver refused his.
‘Refusing champagne darling,do you have a fever or something?’
‘Someone has to keep a clear head.’
‘Can’t we just leave?’
‘We have only got here.’
‘They won’t miss us,we could slip out without a trace.’
‘Don’t be absurd….’
‘Oh so I’m being absurd now am I?
‘All you need to do is smile and circulate for a couple of hours,no harm in that.Besides you have Esme and Ava,perfect shield to be hiding behind.Oh you know play the child trick,they will forget about your past,and flock around you.Saying how much of a good mother you are.Let your anxiety disappear.’ he smiled.’Sometimes I wish you could be like Evangaline?’
‘And what is that supposed to mean?’
‘Well she doesn’t care a jot of what people think of her.’
‘That’s because she’s beautiful,and charming and uses that to her advantage.’
‘You are beautiful…..’
‘Sometimes I feel as if you’re holding yourself back?’
I looked at him,he stopped in his tracks.’It doesn’t matter.
‘No go on you said it,now I would like you to finish.’
‘You know what you’re trouble is.You are tainted by your past Gisele,instead of getting on with your life.You’re life stops.’
‘Are you saying that I’m holding you back?’
‘It is.I’m holding you back,because if that is the case my Lord,then why did you want another child with me!’
‘Because I love you!’
‘No,you don’t,you love the idea that I can provide you with a son,nothing more nothing less.’
‘Gisele,you’re shouting.’
‘Oh I’m sorry,is your wife showing you up?’
‘Where are you going?’
‘Circulating.Where do you think I’m going?’
And with that I walked off,leaving Oliver with Esme and Ava.I sat on the stairs and started to cry,Marianna found me there.
‘Gisele,whatever is it?
‘I am such a stupid fool.’
‘What’s happend?’
‘Oliver and I….we’ve had a disagreement.’
‘I’m sure that whatever it is,you will kiss and make up.You always do.’
‘ Am I holding Oliver back,ask me truthfully please.I need to know.’
‘Did Oliver say those words?’
‘Not exactly….Oliver said that he wishes that I was more like Evangaline,not letting anything hold her back…Well if that’s the case he is welcome to her.’
‘You don’t mean that?’
‘Well Evangaline is younger and prettier and I am,she has curves in all of the right places.Is charming beyond belief….I fear that he has chosen the wrong Delessop girl.’
‘Whatever gave you that impression? Has he gave you any clues,that would make you think that….secret glances across the court yard?’
‘No,none of that.’
‘Well I detect,that paranoia is getting the better of you my dear girl.I mean the impression I’m getting you’re taunted by the past of cheating on the love of your life and you are afraid that he will do the same.Is that true?’
‘If he did….I wouldn’t blame him.’
‘I’m sure that Oliver is far from perfect,I mean everybody has there faults.Even Edward does.’
‘Surely not?’
‘Believe you and I he does,but it’s not about that.It’s about you and Oliver.’
‘He can be stubborn sometimes.’
‘Well there you go.’
‘I’m so tired these days.’
‘It’s quite understandable sister dear,all of that travelling with two children must have taken it’s toll on sweet Gisele.’
‘Maybe I did overreact a little.’
Your entitled to have off days,after all your human.It’s perfectly normal to have an arguement that’s what keeps you on your toes.What I suggest is that you left the dust settle for a while, and then when the time is right…I advice you to make your peace with Oliver.’
‘Thank you Marianna,I would be lost without you.’
‘Now for heavens sake dry your tear.If Mama sees you like that,then she will give you something to worry about.’
Marianna,left my side.I dried the tears from my eyes and composed myself.Carefully clutching my champagne glass,I circulated around the room,absorbing the atmosphere.I looked around the room,it didn’t look any different.Apart from a painting that was hanging from the wall that I didn’t recognise.My Lady Isabelle you’re standards are slipping,and she had the nerve to advice Sophia on her decor.Where is Sophia? Daniel should be the guest of honour,with Lady Isabelle I should imagine?
I felt someone touch my shoulder,the hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end.Sheer horror,rushed through my entire body.I wanted to scream with all of my might,but I just couldn’t make a sound.It’s Jack,he’s finally found me.I knew it Lady Isabelle is in on it,I mean she disliked me as much as he did,and together they had been plotting to kill me.Oh Oliver is right,I am going insane.He has certainly chosen the perfect place for my death,what was he going to choose for the weapon of choice? Surely he wouldn’t try and stab me again? No he would like me to be off my guard,poision me by lacing my champagne and strangle me with my silk scarf? My heart started pounding,I had the perfect red dress that would fit the crime it would disguise the blood.I slowly turned around.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. sophiebowns says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m just playing “catch up” I’ve done sooo much writing lately, now it’s time to read yours! I love Esme, she’s very cute& I look forward to reading on as she grows up. 🙂

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