Welcome to my blog I am going to start posting the first of my novels which is called Affairs of the Heart it’s the first in the series based around one family set in the 1900s.Follow the highs and lows of the heroine of the piece Lady Gisele Delessop.


7 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. As I am not english-speaking I can’t write “technical” feedback, but I liked chapter 1 and I’m curious to see what happens! In few clear words you’ve been able to sketch characters and find for everyone of them a peculiarity.

    • Thank you both fingers crossed aiming for all of chapters 1 and 2 today I do hope you fall in love with Gisele Delessop and are intrigued by her journey through the many novels I have written.

  2. Andy Wood says:

    Hey Sarah ! ”Affairs Of The Heart” is an awesome title ! Exellently expresses its self to the story ! Its so easy to feel attached to these characters. I do love the way in which Gisele speaks openly yet fondly of her siblings and her determination to find love rather than fortune to please others. Intriguing stuff & looking forward to the continuing …. 🙂

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